1. Don’t worry about it. Some questions are too hard for some people. Sit back and relax. Grab a beer and play some video games my guy. You earned it.

  2. Don’t need the batcave without batman imo. These are brighter heroes, makes sense they’d live in a nice tower as opposed to a dark gloomy cave.

  3. Don’t bother with revision. Just grab a beer and play some video games. You’ll get the grade you get.

  4. I use them when I go to clubs as my wingman. Women like a man with more than 10000 achievement points

  5. Ah that’s a good idea! I didn’t think of that! Give them even amount of time to level up!

  6. When you level up one, you level up the others so even if you only play one, your others aren’t left behind

  7. If it’s not going well then throw in the towel. Grab a beer, play some video games

  8. We’ve seen at least 15 minutes and they said that was the start of the game so I’d expect at least 3 times that to allow for a middle and end meaning there’s a good 45 minutes there

  9. Shout out to the people who got the mount !

  10. Was it the darnassius bird thing? Didn’t even occur to me that people can’t get it now

  11. In theory yes. Never forget Arkham knight’s pc launch where it was so poorly optimised that high end PCs could barely run it.

  12. They’re just mocks. Don’t waste time studying and losing sleep. Just grab a beer and some video games.

  13. Don’t worry. GCSEs are easy. Just take it easy and play some video games.

  14. Rest of the family will want to use it innit

  15. Oh my bad, I read it as it was your PS5, not a family console.

  16. It it mine but I just don’t use it very much. No games lol. Will play God of War at Christmas but that’s really it.

  17. A job interview. Bus drove past the window with a Morbius ad on it and I morbed myself right then and there. The employer escorted me out when I told him to have sex

  18. Don’t worry. Just give up and play some video games. If you just can’t get it, why try?

  19. When I came back in legion. I really wanted the ahead of the curve for Argus and didn’t have enough gold. Then someone gave me 100k to do a boost and I still think about it today. If I remembered their character name, I would mail them 150k

  20. What do you mean by "next relic is green"? Costs 0 mana?

  21. Greening something changes the art to be green

  22. Get rid of the snake and enjoy some frog friends 😀

  23. Gotham knights release date was moved to October 21

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