1. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I find 9:36 - 10:14 the most baffling thing Tool have put in a finished song. It feels like half the layers have been muted or something. It’s hollow, no drive, no impact. Nobody is doing anything interesting. It’s like Jambi divorced of its energy and intensity. Kills the flow of the song dead. Drums are tepid and that’s never usually the case even for a second with Tool. Makes no sense at all to me. Song would be a lot stronger if you stripped that out. It’s as if they wanted a meshuggah chugging section but bottled out on the heaviness and it ended up very wishy washy.

  2. I have 2 peavey Kb-300’s. It is an older solid state bass combo but loud as hell and handles ANYTHINg. You can find them for under 200 bucks sometimes. I run my moogs, digitakt and vocals through them it’s like a one man PA.

  3. Have a look at the Roland KC-series keyboard mixing amps. They'll offer support for a fuller frequency range than a dedicated bass amp, and should allow you to mix all of your devices through one amp.

  4. Retroactively altering tones is something that you can do only with the GB amp sims. Your friends audio file can be altered further using plug ins, but just know that you’re stacking onto what’s already there.

  5. Yeah that makes perfect sense thanks. But for example me adding different amps and pedals that aren’t built in to GarageBand seems impossible, via third party apps?

  6. Amplitube is compatible with GB, but you must record using the Amplitube app. Like the performance must be done there while the app is connected to GB if that makes sense.

  7. Yeah this is the exact issue I have. I have and like AmpliTube and Deplike. But we are working remotely from each other. I’d love to get the raw audio of his guitar take and then make all the amp and pedal decisions afterwards but that doesn’t seem possible. I guess he’d have to do that before sending me the audio but it’s annoying because I love to fine tune things. Oh well. Looks like I’m screwed haha.

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