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  1. I didn’t even know this beast of a car was in the game!!!

  2. You can’t see in the photo but I bet there’s a dent in at least one corner of the bumper.

  3. My life has been so much better since I decided to cut back on masturbation and giving up porn. I am way more focused and less anxious in general. I have more energy and motivation. People can do what they want but for me nofap has been the greatest change in my life.

  4. I might be a little late to this post but this sounds exactly like my situation. I pursued film for many years and went to college for it (post-production). After finishing school, I struggled to find work and the few gigs I landed were very underpaid and soul-draining. What was once a passion quickly turned into something I dreaded. Now, here I am beginning my career in the trades as an electrician and I absolutely love it!

  5. I would contact your local JATC as you are a non electrician, they would be best suited to answer your questions about applying to get in, requirements, etc. working as a CW doesn’t necessarily help - I had no construction experience and applied and got in very quickly.

  6. What does CW stand for? I’m guessing Construction Worker but want to make sure.

  7. I’m almost 4 months into nofap and honestly I haven’t noticed any changes in female attention. I still have the same level of social anxiety that I had before nofap as well. Only now I can’t turn to pmo to numb myself. What I’m learning for me is that nofap is just a tool to help me focus on improving other things, not a magic wand that turns me into a ladies man and a social butterfly.

  8. In my local, 22, they don't give ranks because they said it's constantly changing and they don't want people to call in every week to see where they are. The closest I got was my interview score.

  9. I just had my first interview with Local 22. My score was 88.2 out of 100. My interview was only yesterday so I expect to wait a few months if it works out in my favor. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your score?

  10. I still edge from time to time but I’m trying to stop that completely. The occurrences of it are less and less the longer I go on my 120 day challenge. I feel like I’m slowly recovering and eventually won’t even think about edging.

  11. Just making sure you saw the pictures. There’s way more what you call propaganda out there about him.

  12. Sonos is complete trash. Coming from someone who bought every system piece - so many connection issues constantly. If your house is more than one level, good luck maintaining connection. LOL what a joke Sonos is…

  13. Sonos is trash. I regret buying an entire sonos system.

  14. Republicans didn’t mandate it. Democrat’s did (even after the said they wouldn’t). Huge difference.

  15. They only did that because it became clear they were gonna lose 2022. If they won, they'd be pro-vaccine.

  16. That’s an interesting take but I don’t buy it.

  17. I’d trade all the technology and internet we have today for the simplistic life of back then.

  18. Stage three. Still get the urges sometimes but it’s getting easier. I hardly think about it anymore. I’m in a way better state of mind than when I started this.

  19. Graphically speaking, GTA V didn’t even look impressive when it came out. I remember playing it on an Xbox One back in 2013 and being pretty underwhelmed with a “this is it?” feeling. Literally the same graphics as GTA IV with minor improvements.

  20. When you stop desiring it. Anything to do with women you’ll quickly learn the more desperate you are from it the further away it runs from you

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