Loggers gently rescue exhausted moose using a claw crane

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  1. I'm sure it's in the comments already but there is a pretty well done multi-episode podcast about this incident.

  2. Oh, there are many. A hostel I stayed at in Kuala Lumpur literally had a dance club on the ground floor.

  3. I am MUCH older than you(52 now/male) and I am also an introvert. I STILL manage to connect with people when backpacking. It really is an incredible experience. Hell I am LOOKING for deep connections and with other backpackers you are likely to find "your" people

  4. Not a vagabonder but her on the FAR East Coast today was 13 degrees Celsius. Have not had a flake of snow...yet.

  5. Can anyone speak to the pros and cons of pramipexole VS cabergoline? I've read about both but as usual figure this sub is the best place to ask.

  6. Go see a urologist for sure. A bladder scan isn’t anything fancy, it’s a 3 second ultrasound that tells how well you empty the bladder. Key piece of info.

  7. Kinda weird. Almost like the officiating directly changed the game to manipulate the score.

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