1. Nothing! I did build a cart but wanted to buy other stuff so I skipped this now...

  2. That is awful, I hope you and baby are okay. I’ve gotten to the point where I wait at stoplights till I feel confident the other cars are stopping, it’s gotten me honked at before but I’m too afraid of that happening with my toddler in the car.

  3. Flashing yellow's are where I get honked at.

  4. I honestly think that this was left open for him to possibly move to Paris and make things even more complicated lol.

  5. YOOO let’s hope, his character is so corny I wanna see him in Paris

  6. I have been scrolling this sale for hours, literally since early afternoon, and I’m still not done. So much good stuff and no end in sight. Filling my cart and hearting items knowing I can’t buy shit rn but am I gonna keep scrolling? Absolutely.

  7. I assume Mango has good quality then? I’ve never shopped with them

  8. I'm so glad they're at Sephora because I don't like enough of their stuff to make free shipping. Their Baume is a lifesaver in dry winter weather! I also love the Milky Jelly Cleanser as a second cleanser. Glossier You has also been my obsession in the past year, TikTok truly did not mislead me. I've had better liquid blushes though and am allergic to their lip balm.

  9. The free shipping is what I’m about too

  10. Just wanna get paid and eat some fries

  11. Lol her ex bf breaking up with her was such a funny and forced scene so him coming back to offer her a friggen McDonald’s account was too much 😂

  12. Yes that scene was SO forced and then he pops completely out of nowhere to pitch McDonald's as if they don't already have extensive marketing connections all over the world omg.

  13. Omg forreal like “Lemme call up dis hoe I dumped and give her and only her a huge massive account cause yolo brah” 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. I didn’t even bother with the practice milestones. If you can do the challenges in each section you’d be fine. I’m pretty sure you get a retake on it as well

  15. Yes, they are. You also get one retake of each real milestone if you need it.

  16. Cool! The challenges are really similar to the practice milestone so the real test is like the problems they’ve had us do all along.

  17. Same. She’s mean but I don’t agree with the commentary she’s a female misogynist towards Emily. Emily had a crappy attitude towards a looooooot of things that would piss off any person who’s culture it is, imo.

  18. I hope the IT Cosmetics IT Girl Holiday Book goes on sale soon..

  19. I thought you could just go in and get your present or did that change?

  20. I think 2021 allowed me to redeem w/o purchase. 2022's gift made me buy something. (Online redemption)

  21. Gabriel took no time at all to fall for Emily, which wouldn't have happened to his character unless there were cracks. Despite his bad job with Camille/Emily, he's an upstanding guy who seems to want to do right by people.

  22. Yeah everyone hates on him and he’s not really a bad dude imo

  23. Wait he lives on a boat!? How’d I miss this

  24. This. I think she has better chemistry with the guy that Mindy is seeing

  25. I honestly thought he was going to be the “new” man for Emily

  26. I sometimes wonder if that’s the point. I hear Parisian fashion can be neutral palette a lot so maybe they want to make the characters pop against the background?

  27. Hehe I'm glad to see this back again :)

  28. Is he an idiot though?! Mans took the faster exit out! Haha I love 💕

  29. Does foundation need to be used within a year? I would love to jump on this deal but I already have a bottle that was just recently used for the first time. Not sure if I will be able to start using a new bottle until late 2023.

  30. Honestly I had this foundation years ago and had it for years and it never seemed off to me

  31. Mine were big too! I swear I could have filled a training bra with what was in my armpits. I hope it heals fast. 😭 how long did it take for you?

  32. Boutta month to feel ok again! 2 months to feel normal! Don’t worry it’ll kind of just magically happen and you’ll be kinda surprised

  33. I use Marcus by Goldman Sachs.. believe it’s 3.3%? I like them enough!

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