1. I know it's not the most helpful answer but I feel exactly the same! I have no idea what I'm doing. We just have to try different things out and see what works, maybe try volunteering or get a 0 or 4 hour contract job to start with. An apprenticeship could be a good option if you find a supportive employer, I think most employers are happy to put things in place so long as you know what your support needs are (which I struggle with). There's also the option of continuing with your studies if you feel like university or a HNC/HND is for you. I can imagine life seems pretty scary and crazy right now, and it can be frustrating when everyone keeps saying anything is possible without understanding. Just keep on keeping on!

  2. Yes, I can't stick to any routine or plan because I always change my mind about it. I like to go with the flow, but then also get anxious about unfamiliar stuff. It can be frustrating, all the chaos in my brain! It could be the disorganisation part of dyspraxia, or maybe ADHD as that's co-morbid.

  3. That's true, there are some government schemes now like free coding bootcamps or fully funded level 3 courses for adults getting their first level 3 qualification (only certain subjects). Still, there could definitely be more support. It seems like a lot of jobs now expect 5-10 years of very specific experience so you can't get an employer to take a chance on you in the first place.

  4. It wasn't much better when I was younger mate. You just need to be ok with it and make efforts to overcome that adversity.

  5. That's fair enough. I know my parent's generation didn't have it easy but sometimes it feels like society has moved on but my small town hasn't! I'm dyspraxic and never got the hang of cycling but I know that's a good shout for a lot of people in a similar situation.

  6. Yep, there's usually one song in particular that I'm obsessed with! Currently, it's 'Lots of Nothing' by Spacey Jane ft. BENEE. If anyone has any music recommendations then I'd love to hear them.

  7. Team 4 just in case there are any questions on cat diseases...

  8. I had a few temporary jobs doing data entry via employment agencies at different companies, I can't control how long a contract ends, usually it is between 1 to 3 months through an employment agency, as these are short term,

  9. Data entry seems like something I could do. I also struggle with telephones (can never hear properly / actually hold it right...) and feel like that would make most admin roles difficult for me.

  10. I have a mobile but might as well not have one! I'm not sure if it's a dyspraxic thing, my hearing is generally pretty sensitive but not when it comes to phones.

  11. I really wanted a Kurt and Sam friendship. Especially after Sam was so cool with Kurt in Duets and the clothes thing in Rumors. I also wanted them to actually duet at some point, because I think they could have sounded really nice together.

  12. I forgot about Kurt and Sam's S2 friendship - I feel like they kind of forgot about Sam's friendships and focused on his romances with basically all the girls! Also agree that a duet would've been cool, to just drop it because of homophobia at the school was disappointing (though Lucky was cute so ah well I guess).

  13. Quinn lived at Mercedes’ house, then she moved back home at it was like it never happened. So wish we got to see that duo a bit more. Finn and Mike played football together, but it could just as easily have been like they were strangers, so them too. And Santana and Kurt, although they did live together so can’t complain about them.

  14. I agree with all of these but especially Quinn and Mercedes, it seemed so random that Quinn would move in with her after about one conversation!

  15. When she sang 'Beautiful' back in S1, I think it was the perfect song for her and vocally she kills it! I like how she accepts herself again after the others try and bring her down, and she does that while building other people up and giving a middle finger to Sue Sylvester. I also love 'River Deep, Mountain High' and 'Disco Inferno' though because of Sancedes and the amazing energy.

  16. Thank you, that’s helpful to know. As someone living with the condition is there anything you’d recommend in my approach to supporting my partner? It doesn’t cause any real day-to-day issues but I am the kinda person that wants to be the best support I can.

  17. That's lovely of you, I think just having the supportive attitude that you do goes a long way! I have very little relationship experience so someone else in the thread might have a better answer, but it helps to be listened to when you need to go on a rant and to have someone there to support with daily life stuff on bad days. Basically just accepting that we're all different, which I know is a cliché but it's nice when you can be yourself without worrying about how you come across.

  18. Thanks for the response! I'm just glad to hear other people have similar experiences even thought its not a great one, feels less lonely. Things are are on the mend for me though, found support in my city and have job interviews coming up. Hopefully dyspraxia gets more recognized in the future.

  19. That's alright and yep, it's lovely to talk to someone who understands. Good luck with the interview, hope things go well for you! :)

  20. I'm an INFP so quite similar to you! I used to be more outgoing as a child but as I got more self-conscious growing up, I've become much more shy and reserved.

  21. No, I think toddlers are far better in Sims 4, with babies they are boring in any sims game, but are good for easily raising the parenting skill if you have the Parenthood pack.

  22. I have mixed feelings about the Parenthood pack. I agree with you about babies but Parenthood also makes toddlers really annoying! Constantly throwing paint/flour on the floor, having tantrums, one of their needs always seems to be low. Perhaps this is realistic and I shouldn't have kids irl haha.

  23. The medical career from Get To Work. I know it was buggy for a while (possibly still is) but it's my favourite anyway! It doesn't require any skills, which is quite unrealistic but never mind. Logic, or at least the genius trait, and handiness can help but you don't need to level them to get promoted so your sim can just learn random skills or spend time with family and friends instead of desperately trying to get level 9 charisma before the next day... The tasks are all fairly simple - no relying on collecting certain items, identifying the criminal, having to go out to a rabbithole or community lot when you just wanted to work from home (the Discover University and City Living careers). It also allows your sim to build a ton of relationships outside of their household so it's great for social aspirations. Being able to deliver townie babies is cool too.

  24. I can be your friend if you're open to online ones! In person can definitely be a struggle as an adult, especially post COVID i think and especially in the situation you describe where you're fairly isolated physically. One tip I would give for irl friendship is not to discount older people - it takes some getting used to after only having friends your age at school but really as an adult it can be a very good thing to have friends of different ages and life stages. I joined a needles and natter group at a cafe once and it was mostly a few mums on maternity leave/with young kids and retired ladies but they were all lovely and I had a really nice time. And then when I saw them around town they'd say hi and we would have a wee chat and it made me feel much more settled in the town. If you have other social media I'm also a member of a very lovely writers' discord server but again it's online and I know actually meeting people in person is important too. I just don't really know how to find that lol (let me know if you figure it out 🤣)

  25. Hi, thank you for replying and being online friends would be lovely. :) I know, it's a pain! Some groups / volunteering opportunities I am interested in still say that they're on a break due to COVID but I'm not sure if the website just hasn't been updated.

  26. I struggle with this as well although I have managed to make a few friends. However I’ve come to learn that even the bestest of friends go long periods of time without seeing each other with how busy life gets in adult life. There’s not really a choice in the matter, it seems like they aren’t making time for you when in reality I can recognize that it’s just the hustle and bustle of trying to live in 2022 without going bankrupt or crazy. I think you should look at starting new hobbies that aren’t so solo minded. For instance I think joining a yoga class or some form of exercise class would be perfect for meeting people because there’s no pressure to talk but eventually with meeting up all the time your bound to get to know others. The endorphin release from the exercise is the perfect anti anxiety tool for actually feeling like taking to a stranger in the first place. I am going to join my local mountain bike group to make some friends, any kind of group setting is good for meeting people because most are incredibly warming to a newcomer and in a group people are trying to make friends that’s kind of the whole point to meeting up in the group. Good luck friend I hope you find some cool people to help you feel a bit less lonely!

  27. Hey, thanks for replying :). I can understand that, I'm not blaming my friends for having their own stuff going on - just wish I had my own stuff going on! I'm thinking of joining some kind of hobby group if I can find one that fits around my work hours (quite difficult as evening stuff still clashes with my commute).

  28. Before I went to war, I always worried about the physical pain. A gunshot to the head. Internal bleeding. My organs shutting down, my brains blown out across the battlefield like confetti as I died for the cause. It was worthy. I could cope with the idea of death at this point, if it would save my family back home. What I hadn't worried about was the mental toll of killing. A serious oversight. I had this idea that it would be like a videogame, defeating the baddies. Fight after fight until it was game over for me too. But the end of the game never seemed to come, and each kill I made forced me to watch as their life flashed before their eyes and their memories were a movie playing out for anyone who'd watch.

  29. Anything local. My first part time was at my local library because I didn’t have a car and I could walk there, then I used the money from the library job to get a car

  30. I agree, local jobs usually have fewer people applying so that's how I managed to get my first job! Being able to walk there (or more easily convince family/friends to give you a lift) definitely helps too.

  31. I was basically diagnosed by an occupational therapist but had to be referred to a paediatrician for a formal diagnosis. Took me a while to get diagnosed but luckily managed to get it before I aged out of paediatrics, it seems a lot more difficult for adults unfortunately.

  32. Hi, I'm feeling pretty depressed about my dyspraxia today, so I'm not too happy myself at the moment and can definitely sympathise. I'm happier when working on a project or hobby that isn't particularly affected by dyspraxia, like gaming or researching random history stuff.

  33. Thanks Rosebutterflies, I'm sure and hope mentally you improve, I don't game 🎮 much now because I'm hopeless at them haha.

  34. Thank you reig_cigar, I think I will. :) I'm just annoyed about other stuff which then brings me back to being depressed about dyspraxia again! I am too, haha, definitely prefer single-player games over multiplayer/online for that reason. At least with stuff like The Sims, it doesn't matter that I have awful reaction times and get startled ridiculously easily (not sure if that's a dyspraxic thing).

  35. Keane! They're an alternative rock band, probably best known for 'Somewhere Only We Know.' Their songs are quite emotional so I like listening to them when I just want to wallow in my sadness. If you like Snow Patrol, The Killers, Travis, etc. then I'd recommend their music.

  36. There are loads of different ways to make money writing - it just depends what kind of writing you want to do and what other skills/knowledge you have. For example, you could start a blog and eventually monetise that and you could write about absolutely anything (music, sport, art, business/investing, career-related stuff, etc). There is also the option of freelance writing, working for content mills or pitching articles but you're likely to be restricted to certain topics (either what they've told you to write about or what sells best). The other route, which I'm hoping to go into, is writing short stories, poems, novels and submitting them to competitions, magazines and publishers.

  37. There are lots of different options - apprenticeships, temp jobs, junior / 'no experience necessary' jobs you can search for on sites like Indeed. You could use your retail experience to go into an office or call centre-based customer service role, or work somewhere like a bank or post office. It might take a while to work your way up without a degree, but hopefully the job you go into will offer some training as well.

  38. I can relate to how you're feeling. I think a common problem with dyspraxia is that we have low self-esteem from comparing ourselves to everyone else all the time. Of course, our differences can be a positive as we tend to be very empathetic (which I think comes through in your post) and our different way of thinking can help us to be creative. It's hard to think positively though when you keep facing difficulties and setbacks. I do struggle with being dyspraxic and wishing I was "normal" but then I suppose everyone's got their problems and I wouldn't be myself without it. I guess we just have to think that dyspraxia has given us a unique perspective and our experiences mean that we won't be as ignorant as others.

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