1. Yet midrange GPUs are £500+ still, fucking insanity

  2. Jonas Quinn says what? And the whole Ori saga?

  3. Are you a bot? All you do is post other people's work

  4. If 4080 was $1099 i bet a lot less ppl would be whining about it.

  5. 1099 is still overpriced by 500

  6. Why would you celebrate and defend being ripped off?

  7. So well done 🥰

  8. they just age overnight, it's like a pear

  9. The 4080 is overpriced by at least $500, and "upgrading" from a 3080Ti to it? super cringe

  10. Your style is so good, your Zidane IS Zidane to me now 😊

  11. It always creeped me out because snow seems like he's in his 30s and Serah looks (and acts?) 15.

  12. Painful leveling up system, getting ultima near the end just cements how terrible the system is. I played it emulated and used ultra-speedup to abuse those ridiculous encounter rate rooms to power up fast but it was still monotonous.

  13. This means nothing without a decent price

  14. This is one of the most beautiful things you've ever made 😍😍

  15. Bet it was a factor in them bowing out of the gpu game too. They prolly saw in their testing it was going to be a shitshow so got out before their reputation was tarnished thanks to nvidia, who would prolly not take nearly as much heat for it.

  16. I already associated EVGA with fires / exploding cards

  17. IX, then V, then VII

  18. There are various schemes for setting up version numbers, but ultimately the format is determined by the maker of the software itself.

  19. Is it really stupid when firefox used to use normal versioning numbers, and then when chrome started numbering every minute change as a new major version number they.. copied chrome?

  20. Because chrome did. Firefox's strategy for a long time has to been to poorly imitate chrome, leading many to.... just use chrome instead.

  21. And still nobody looks up! And still not one of them fucking looked up! I'm just so done with the Russian military throw the whole country away!!!

  22. Someone did the math based on the fall time and these drones are so small and so high up they're basically invisible / inaudible.

  23. Steam is the extra unnecessary third party software in modern Ubisoft games' cases, it's going to launch and handle multiplayer etc through Ubisoft Connect anyway. I just get AC games on Connect.

  24. Is there UK pricing information available yet? I’m struggling to find it.

  25. You can hear her singing in this song 😆

  26. Well done on getting this out so fast 💚 you've earned a good night's sleep in a giant seashell house. I'm sure nothing bad will happen... 😶

  27. Just don't let Elena gut punch you 💀

  28. Very well done 🥰

  29. Languishing in overpriced-ville where nobody wants to buy them, thus nobody wants to make them.

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