1. Hmmm not too sure what a good top would be to be honest. Maybe practice Rifleman? Majority of my kills are with the Rifleman. Cheers

  2. Just joined those subreddit. Kiwi here too. Ropes NZ is my gamertag

  3. Bring back small hatchbacks again too. I remember the hot hatchback craze and I want it back.

  4. Toyota themselves have 2 new hot hatches released recently. The GR Yaris and the GR Corolla. Both are awesome.

  5. Haha nah no kill room or grow room here. There is just too many windows in this little house for the lounge area. Every wall has a window in it. Makes for making a lounge area a pain in the ass to be honest.

  6. Awesome thanks for the replies. Not sure if we will go ahead with it but was curious to find out. Cheers

  7. I remember making it to being ranked 7 hundred and something in the world. Use to play this almost every day. I'm jumping back in.

  8. $198 a week. Stressing about what rates could be when we roll off 3.39 in Nov 2023

  9. Mi goreng noodle sandwiches are the business

  10. Still use Always On on my Mi Max 3

  11. It will either go up or down. Possibly sideways. Of this I am certain.

  12. Given a significant rise in interest rate is expected, I'd say it's already priced into the $.

  13. Lol how does that work? The only reason it gets eroded is if your pay keeps up with inflation.

  14. Gross. Should be going every 6 months (12 at least) for a clean and checkup. 5-10 years of plaque buildup must be fucking heinous.

  15. Learn to read the title doofus

  16. I just brewed a hazy pale ale and put the spunding valve on straight away but left it fully open for 3 days. Also used 5 star defoamer and didn't have an issue with krausen coming through.

  17. Idk what’s going on with mine. I’ve put it on and pumped about 10psi into the keg. I put the spunding valve on and put it at 10 and now it’s dropped down to 5. Not sure what to do

  18. I'm not sure whats happening there. But I hope you figure it out. Cheers

  19. Just wrapped up a brew using a keg as a fermenter for the first time. I'm sold. Fermented with a floating dip tube and now has been put on the taps with no transfer or anything. I don't think I will be buying any fermenters now. Just kegs. Anyways.. just my opinion. Cheers.

  20. I did it once where I screwed a piece of timber into the post and got a car jack underneath the screwed piece, jacked it out of there. Beware your car jack may not survive if it's not heavy duty..

  21. Look for "100% Sodium Percarbonate" it's the active ingredient in cleaners like Oxyclean, has no odour or anything. I just brought a bag of it as people were recommending it as it's way cheaper. I haven't used it to be honest, will be giving it a go for the first time for cleaning those weekend so I will add a comment here after I used it to see how it goes.

  22. Not in my area yet....I'm looking at that one for a while now. Would love to use it.

  23. I've been using Aircoins here in New Zealand. Don't know if they are worth collecting but I'm doing it anyway haha

  24. Coin Hunt World has been good for me. I am able to earn BTC and ETH while walking my dog, commuting to work (on my bike or on the bus), and on my lunch break at work. IN playing since April, I've stacked up a little over $500 worth of rewards. If I could convince some more people play, that could really get juiced up too, as more vault density would mean more rewards. That being said, the game is in beta, and future changes are likely to lower the rewards (that's my guess).

  25. Sucks it's not available here in New Zealand

  26. I know that is relatively small compared to a lot of people so feel lucky about that no doubt. House was 225k but we only make around 80k a year so are definitely gonna feel any extra money increases.

  27. Thanks everyone for the opinions. I appreciate it.

  28. Shit ours is currently $396 a fortnight on a 3.19% for another year, I'm kinda freaking out on a big jump to what rates will be next year. Thinking of breaking our mortgage and going to 6.39 for 4 or 5 years just to have some certainty around payments. 2 kids and don't earn a whole lot..

  29. I'm going to this for the first time this weekend. How are people dry hopping with only one keg? I'm sure I saw a post here the other day that the op said they just chuck the dry hops in after 3-4 days and then have the spunding valve set at I think was 15psi? the CO2 created was enough to purge the keg of oxygen. They said they found no difference in this method than doing full transfers.

  30. Hettich does make a soft close hinge that will fit in place of that hinge. The soft close mechanism is in the hinge itself. We use Hettich soft close hinges and standard hinges at work and they are interchangeable.

  31. My favourite version is the live one on British TV. Cracks me up how the audience hardly show any reaction at this awesome live performance happening haha.

  32. What are you using for your Kratky jars?

  33. Who's to say that it will just be the last two years of gains to disappear. Interest rates look set to rose further than what they were even 5 years ago

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