1. I feel fine in my reps, seiko, or G-Shocks

  2. Backed it since it’s one of our go to games for easy game nights to to introduce people to board gaming. That said I would have been happier with thicker cardboard and slightly larger tiles, and all the expansions.

  3. Go for it if they have what you want to build and wear.

  4. We were never going to hold ground but we did manage to make corporations billions, pass out some useless medals, and work on the art of killing people.

  5. Selfishness and entitlement as the result of poor parenting

  6. that would be weird. Uploaded it for you, look under ocd

  7. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend

  8. I do what our group conscious says and move on

  9. Beautiful looking pupper, I am sorry for your loss

  10. Looks like a fun project, please post photos along the way or when you are done

  11. When I was a kid and still using drugs we used to go to the woods to eat acid - probably some of the best camping stories ever

  12. I don't actually have recent experience driving in LA. I don't remember issues just was worded out by the motorcycles going in between cars in traffic. I think there are bad drivers everywhere. I'm saying people are being aggressive, like scaring me physically. Shaking their fists and slamming in their brakes in front of me in the highway just because i got in front of them rught before the entrance ramp. Not a close call, cut no one off. Totally legal. No reason to be upset except now they weren't first in line.

  13. Lane splitting cut my commute in half when I worked in LA

  14. Everyone call and ask when they can take it for a test ride

  15. If he needs more attention he can swing my our home

  16. Negative display is a no for me, but I love loud colors

  17. I have every intention of building an ork kill team so for me you are correct.

  18. Those look very nice, but there is zero chance I’m getting one at that price

  19. Watch looks great, where is that case from?

  20. how do you like it with brown hood

  21. Beautiful, how well will the garment handle washing?

  22. Time will show, so far it was ok on cold temperature

  23. Cold is all we use for clothes so for me that would be perfect.

  24. "Great Resignation", "quiet quitting", "loud layoffs" etc Who the hell actually coins these terms? I've not really seen them used anywhere in real life...

  25. I know, right. You would think someone would know the Confederate flag will keep people away from AA. We need to be an open organization based on equality, and don't need to bring devisive political symbols into a meeting. Thatsrude and self centered, self serving.

  26. When I get upset about something others do I try to remember that the rooms are full of sick people trying to get well.

  27. Castles of burgundy - my wife will play it any day of the week

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