1. Is it a lack of hand eye coordination? I've never seen a player worse at layups

  2. I can definitely see one rummaging through a cabinet stoned and putting this together haha Prob tastes really good though. Chocolate frosting is so rich 🤤

  3. You've got too much money and promise, Ja. Leave that life in the rearview

  4. I don't think the trade-off is worth it, as exhibited by his requesting a trade in this way

  5. Not clicking Vice stuff but I do enjoy the “urban legend” around this song. Definitely Weezy’s darker side on this.

  6. There is/was a little Resetti model in the Nook Shopping app as a seasonal item.

  7. Fr!! So many islands look good in the insta posts then I visit their DA and I'm confused. WHat happened to the cute island I saw in the pictures? Why am I in a literal trash heap with piles of random junk everywhere???

  8. This actually makes me feel better about the empty space on my island

  9. On a positive note, Rui is fitting in nicely. A couple great defensive stops

  10. 4pm games are killing me, I keep having to miss the first half commuting home.

  11. What do Lakers fans think of Ham's strategy of stacking LeBron and AD's minutes in the same rotation?

  12. Pat had more crying to refs than made baskets 😤

  13. they should be. not the first time refs have missed a call. god forbid its against the lakers/lebron. all of a sudden its national news.

  14. I swear I'm a kind person but someone is ending up on my hood. Fuck em

  15. And then they will all mob your car, drag you out and beat the shit out of you

  16. Not being able to make the playoffs without AD kinda precludes that, no?

  17. The Sixers only had 4 guys on the court, only Harden noticed and he decided to take the tech to stop the play lol

  18. Very very easy clean up !

  19. Oh, that makes sense. You would spend more time placing the weeds even if Leif can clear them all at once

  20. Rui already? This team doesn't really have any offensive scheme so no plays to learn lol

  21. I want to know what Bam was laughing about lol that was definitely an 'oh my god' response

  22. My adjusted returns from last year haven't even been processed yet. Filing our taxes is a shitshow. More customer service is fine but we need more auditors

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