1. Hopefully it was at least a nice haircut. Takes awhile to get over a bad one.

  2. Deadbeat dads are not a myth. If you're doing something that's causing someone to leave (and they may be doing things too), then you can't expect them to stay. Men all too often put very little effort into their marriages, often becoming like another child. If you break up and don't care for you're child, her breaking up wasn't the problem, you not putting the effort in is. The child doesn't cease to exist after a divorce. Men simply, often, don't want to care for them. They often weren't in the marriage, or not doing enough, hence the divorce. Women get the kids, because they're usually the one taking care of the kid in the marriage. Of course they're not going to want the Dad to have them and hope he steps up. He didn't take care of them jointly in the marriage, why will he take care of them jointly now? This is not every man, in or out of a marriage. But the kind of man delusional enough to make a post like this is. Kevin Samuels being a deadbeat as well makes it more hilarious, and now I realize you may just be a clever troll... After watching the video, these men talk about duty but then ignore the duty to put effort into the marriage so it's successful and happy. Deadbeats making lazy excuses to go along with their lazy parenting.

  3. the main thing i learned here was that one woman discovered two different bodies on separate occasions while walking her dog

  4. Be worried they would try and pin it on me, finding the bodies and all...

  5. Delicious revenge for all those who's Mom's have sold our cool stuff while our back was turned! And those cards are neat.

  6. Men being cowardly is not women's fault. Most of them will not call you a creep or laugh at you. If you want to build that fear up in your head, so be it, but it is a you issue, not a female issue. Women do get creeped on, screamed at groped, though I would say it's uncommon, so they are on their guard a lot of times. But if you're sensible and don't freak out at rejection, it's not going to be a scene. People these days are soft and can't deal with rejection and things not going their way and look for excuses as to why it's not their fault and someone else is to blame. They look for reasons to not even try at all. Women like these like to feed into RP type's delusions. it doesn't help them at the end of the day, though it may make them feel good for a bit. I've seen a couple of her videos before. She just tells men what they want to hear but tempers it a bit better with some lip service to maybe it not all being modern women's fault, than some other RP channels. men who are afraid to approach women, IT'S YOU and YOU need to work through your fear by putting yourself out there.

  7. This is what Moby Dick should have been like, in a better world...

  8. Obviously bad but support groups for women who've taken thier kids and left a freshly redpilled husband, are popping up all over the place. When I finally left mine, I joined a church bible study for women who escaped red pill and of the over 20 women, only 3 of us were without kids. Its destroying families all right and these were cookie baking soccer moms I'm talking about, not corporate women.

  9. I'm so sorry that happened to you. People have posted stories like that here and I definitely believe them. This is why RP stuff is so bad, it doesn't help the men in the end, it breaks up relationships, makes them worse anyways. I'm curious though, was the group literally anti-RP like you mention red pill, or was it more about how the husbands got more "trad", or controlling, or something? I'm just curious because while I think quite a few people know about RP, there isn't actually that many people among the public who would practice it, or so I thought, to be enough for a support group, unless in a big city.

  10. Totally believe it to be a way to further destroy the nuclear family, I see it akin to feminism. I believe red pill is closet neoleftism, just look at plate theory.

  11. Yes, it's aim was to destroy the West. It's another product of the culture of narcissism and the decline of religion.

  12. Reading the reviews on Goodreads makes me think this guy is a narcissist, it's all for show and not a genuine, long lasting change. That is what I would expect, in general, about people who have problems like these, and from the sounds of it, are at the extremes. Not that there's no hope for them, or that milder cases can't change. But I think this is probably a rebrand to sell more books and at best he's trying something new, until another new thing comes along, and it will. People who flip flop on their personal lives like this have trouble sticking to things.

  13. Is it warm or cold back there? Is he stuck? Does he not know how to put it in reverse?

  14. why would you mug people for candy on the one night candy is literally handed out for free, and one day before candy goes on sale?

  15. He probably didn’t switch. He probably had a lot of those beliefs. The fact that you didn’t notice his change is probably a good indicator that you’re not in touch with his emotions.

  16. While it's possible she never knew him. It may have more to do with deception on his part, putting his best face forward until he had her. Plenty of people do this at first in relationships, then the true them comes out, especially with Narcs. Doesn't mean it's her fault for "not being in touch" with his emotions.

  17. Unless you're married or engaged, leave. Look, as a Christian I'm not "for" homosexuality. But the whole "real men" talk is ridiculous. You also don't act like other people are garbage, just because they're homosexual. The whole "mental health" is a woman thing? Ridiculous. The "all men think this way" not true. Andrew Tate is ridiculous and has admitted to grooming people. no good person would be duped by that guy. I think he's changed himself to fit in with his friends (how very alpha male of him!), peer group affects your behavior a lot. If he's so malleable and wishy-washy it's not a good sign. if he's disregarding you like this and disregarding, well logic, and being nasty (about gay men), I don't think it's long before he becomes more direct in his abuse. But even now, can you live with someone like this? With their beliefs and ridiculousness thus? I think down the road, maybe years later, he might realize it was all silly. but do you want to live through it and maybe become victim to it? Resentful to the point where it doesn't matter if he changes? I would have a conversation, tell him how you feel, what you need, ask what he needs and feels and if those things don't match up, stop wasting your time.

  18. I'm not entirely sure what you're saying here. but it reminds me of alcoholics who use any excuse to fall off the wagon and blame others for it.

  19. That behavior speaks of her lacking and not yours. Normal, good people, share their emotions. If other make fun of them, that's a black mark on those others. Don't let it sour you on sharing your feelings. Be a bit more careful on who you trust, try to gauge if they are trustworthy, not just someone you want to fantasize as being trustworthy. That said, it's still often painful, even if you didn't do anything wrong. It can take time to get over it and learn to build, and maintain self esteem, in the face of painful or embarrassing situations. People tend to build self esteem by bettering themselves, reaching a goal. So set a small goal, reach it, then a medium one and on. Don't beat yourself up, talk kindly to yourself, be encouraging. It can take time to change your inner dialogue. Don't use the badness of others as an excuse to become bad and self destructive yourself. Figure out what you want in life and go after it, step by step. Just make sure it's actually something good, and not like "I want to sleep with a lot of hot women", you know. Otherwise you might find yourself disappointed again seeking the wrong things. Everybody has set backs and upsets. What matters is how we choose, and it is a choice, to react to them. Change your thoughts and you change your feelings, your actions and your results. Then in the future, should this happen again, it won't phase you the same way. but being rejected is a part of life. Gotta learn to accept the bad and the good.

  20. "First I have to make clear that I am a man who chooses to be celibate because of religious/spiritual reasons along with mental health issues, so the issue I am going to rant has no direct impact on me, so I believe this leaves in a position of objectivity from which I can formulate a more or less neutral and selfless opinion."----- You can convince yourself you are impartial but it's very, very easy to see through that you are not. You're red pilled and regurgitating the same incorrect stuff they do, just trying to make it more palatable because you're desperate to have other people listen to and validate you. You need to get it off your chest because you've been obsessing over it like every other RP/incel and think you are saying something unique. This is what they post constantly, everyday, on various pill forums, even this flavor of it, saying they are "impartial" because they claim they are out of the game. Modernity has created many problems. There are issues in our society. But incels create themselves to a degree, coupled with their genetics, not dating apps. The Pareto Principle is that you get 80% of results from 20% of the group, roughly. The results are dates, not women. The top 20% of men were getting 80% of the dates. "Top" doesn't necessarily mean the best looking, richest, tallest either, it should be noted. The Pareto Principle was also shown on the other side of the equation, with the same women, I think closer to 30% rather than 20% if I recall, getting the majority of the dates. RPers need to stop abusing the Pareto Principle if they don't know what it means. It is not responsible for turning men into incels, nor women. you are very clearly MGTOW or RP, even if you don't want to admit it to yourself and you're very clearly looking for validation. Go to an RP forum and preach to the choir, they'll echo you right back.

  21. You expect someone hot to love someone average, even though that average person would not love the hot person if they were average? If you don't see the value in average why should she? Because you're just magically special? If average isn't good enough for you, why expect it to be good enough for her? I think posts like this are very revealing as to why men complain about women supposedly only wanting 20% of guys. It's because a lot of average men only want hot women at the end of the day and are projecting.

  22. I don't get it? You think your situation of being alone is the same to someone being raped? With omeone being raped, you have a victimizer. In being alone you have not been victimized, and, if you feel you are entitled to someone, you are more akin to the rapist, not the person being assaulted. It's not that people don't care about male suffering. It's that they don't agree with messed up males and their solutions to their "suffering". Again though, I am not 100% sure what you're trying to say here.

  23. This is due to anatomy. Same thing happens with homosexual men.

  24. He's got issues that likely won't ever stop. Not valuable long term. Not valuable short term unless you're into that. Might be attractive outwardly but that doesn't build a happy life. R strategists are only impressive for bad reasons.

  25. Most men are interested in girls in their 20s, less so in their 30s. This reduction in competition alone makes dating easier for guys in their 30s. Supply and demand OP.

  26. So no, it makes it harder. If all the guys are going for women in their 20s, then they have to compete with men from multiple age groups.

  27. You are not a Christian if you believe Red Pill ideology is "mostly right". Sorry it absolutely contradicts the Bible and it's commandments. RPers are just the male version of feminists, Masculinists if you will. They absolutely do hate women, do not love their neighbour, do not love women as they love themselves, conform to the world not God, are fornicators, are hateful, lustful, hypocrites, pervert the word of God, do not love his ways. Nothing Christian about them, nothing Christian about people who say their views are mostly true.

  28. Modern living, schooling, food. They have taken a toll on men, plus the severe demoralization in the West. Men and women of the west have lost something (it was taken from us and is a result of modernity). I don't think kicking people while they're down helps. It is something though we have to fight to get back. RP is not it though.

  29. The "Fresh and fit" podcast holds Leonardo DiCaprio and the rapper Drake as their idols. In real life the excesses don't stop with women and usually come with drug addiction, broken marriages, illegitimate children gambling problems not to mention the damage done to their actual partners and children who cannot properly bond with their father. There are countless examples of this from celebrties such as Evander Holyfield the champion boxer had as many women as he wanted. He had 11 children, 9 of whom don't live with him. He had to pay $500,000 in child support has been divorced three times and wasted a fortune of 250 million. Tiger Woods the golfer at one point had 12 mistresses, he was so desperate to bed women he ruined his marriage and lost 60 million in sponsorships.

  30. These people's personal lives usually are a shambles and sometimes they just don't care (narcissists don't) or care but can't stop themselves, they have addictive personalities, or trauma and trying to fill a void. Their kids lives are the sad part, not getting to grow up in a healthy, happy family, and worse, having that stuff played out in front of the whole world. With DiCaprio, you're dealing with someone who's worked in Hollywood since he was a kid. I would bet there's some real issues there that aren't his fault (though he should fix them). I can't imagine anyone who really thought about it wanting the life he's likely had. The exterior money and glamour people see is only a small part of the whole.

  31. Females had more than one mate as well if we're talking evolution and behaving like animals. RPers like to cherry pick things.. They also have this world view about how things should be between men and women, that it is what's right and what will make both happy. It's not right and won't make them happy, even if they could force women into it. Happiness is not the be all, end all goal of life (that is holiness) and happiness does not ultimately come from hedonism (what RP is a flavor of). Their brains do indeed set themselves up for failure. It's also a way to avoid living life, telling themselves that is the way the world should be and since it isn't, why bother trying, or if they try and get push back, then it's someone else's fault they're unhappy. It's a way of avoiding responsibility. I think the psychology of it, why they think these things and how the human mind works, as you gave an example of here, explains a lot about why they believe what they believe and why they won't be happy. There's all sorts of thinking fallacies we fall into for our own detriment. It's always good to try and learn about them and watch out for them, examine our beliefs and not live on autopilot (easier said than done).

  32. You want to believe it, that's why you're seeing it. You choose the lens through which you view life. If you want to view it through a distorted one to make yourself feel better, that things aren't your fault, that you're free to hate women, or misbehave, then you'll choose to. But it is your choice. Women let men down and Men let women down. It can be hard to find good people. Doesn't mean they aren't there, or that RP stuff is true. It may also have to do with you. If you continue to pick a certain type of person, as probably most people do, subconsciously recreating some childhood dynamic say, then your only choice to fix it is to change yourself. Are you picking narcissistic women because you find them attractive for example? You can't be surprised then when they let you down. Rad Feminists who "gather evidence" the way you do, focusing on any story they can involving male perpetrators and female victims and viewing it through that lens, are responsible for their own distorted thoughts. So are RPers. Don't be like ultra feminists or RPers, stay in reality and behave like a human being and don't try and blame anyone else for your own thoughts, don't try and shirk responsibility.

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