1. If villain has 2 VPIP, sure you can fold. But even against a 12vpip nit, youre all in there.

  2. Yep I do this all time. Makes mid week meals much easier. Out of freezer in the morning into fridge in the morning. Throw in water bath late afternoon, ready by supper time

  3. Why didn’t you test shoving for $5.00?

  4. Because people will play a really tight range and with rake + blinds, you’ll lose money. At 50bb, people will call you with top 25% of range or more. Calling tilted short stacks is profitable.

  5. Sorry my point wasn’t clear…

  6. I came here to say basically the same thing — I try open the client right now and the login screen is black.

  7. Close with task manager and open again.

  8. Bad software and no rewards. But its attached to one of the largest online sportsbooks and casinos. It's a give and a take.

  9. Yea I went to support and they told me that it registered I pressed the fold button there and to be more careful about my internet…

  10. You are probably bluffing too much or hero calling too much in rivers. But you should do a hand review day.

  11. I mainly play on GG/Stars but I have 700,000 hands on ACR 25NL blitz. I’m winning 0.4BB/100 AFTER rakeback. It’s one of the hardest online pools and I am losing to regs due to rake. Most of my profits comes from bum hunting in blitz plus rakeback. It’s the main reason I do not play at WPN anymore. 100z on GG is easier in my opinion.

  12. Unfortunately, I can’t play on GGPoker :( Definitely wish I could. Yeah, that’s what I keep hearing about ACR, seems like a lot of tight regs just grinding rake back

  13. I assume you’re US? Global is the easiest, followed by Ignition. Have you tried any of those sites?

  14. GTO I'm not sure that works at small stake in bovada? Please tell me I'm wrong.

  15. No, anonymous pool and zoom means you should not be playing balanced. Why mix in bluffs if you are a new player every hand? Get 500k hands and you can do population reads at your stake. Playing GTO is pointless in anonymous player pools.

  16. Hand2Note is free up to a certain stake

  17. Think she just thought she had J3, was thinking that Garrett is trying to bully her and made a call with her 3's thinking like she said Garrett had Ace high. The thing is she had J4 and was too embarrassed to admit she called off so much money on a misread hand. So then she tried to justify her call which made it look worse, would have been alright if she just said I thought I had J3.

  18. When asked to show, she said she had Jack high before turning the cards over.

  19. "how can she call" how can dude shove all in with nothing? If you do donkey stuff don't be surprised when you get called by another donk.

  20. Calling with nothing is different from shoving with nothing. Also, Garret had combo draw. Robbi has nothing but J-high.

  21. So I turned into Prices Fork today and a woman decided to sprint into the street. I would definitely have hit her if I didn’t brake very very hard (screeching sound and all). She realized this too and decided to freeze in the middle of my lane. And after I stopped completely, she decided to give me the middle finger…

  22. Order the quesadilla from West End, practically the same and they never sell out

  23. 5. Do not get the quesadillas in Owens. They always run out when I try and order :D

  24. Einstein once said “There are only two certainties in life: death and people leave McBryde restrooms without washing hands.”

  25. There is the Megabus which is $42.99. You wait at the dedicated bus lane and it takes you to Squires Student Center. You can also buy a ticket from IAD to ROA. Smart way bus is $4 (cash only, no change) and Uber is $60-140 (checking my app right now, it’s $71.22 though expect higher prices when students call Ubers).

  26. Great, if you remember please update in a few weeks and let us know if the thrill is still there. I am out of town for several months, so I won't be able to make the purchase until the fall anyway.

  27. 2 years later - coming back to say that this watch is amazing. Did you ever get a chance to buy a similar piece?

  28. No rule against it but I believe the office for the Hokie P will be closed. You can use the app to get into your dorm or ask your roommate to help you out.

  29. Ridiculously small airport, you can walk from check in to the very last terminal in under 5 minutes. You’ll be fine but I like to give myself an hour in case of delays.

  30. Check out the trap and skeet club on campus! If a cadet check out the corps marksmanship unit. Plus there’s always a tech student or two at the Jefferson range on weekends!

  31. I think whitetail is overrated. Mostly buy guns/ammo/parts online and ship to home or FFL for transfer; you don't pay a hefty markup that way. I've seen $500 holosuns go for $700+ in local shops.

  32. I might be biased as a cs major but I think the class is really easy even for someone new to programming. If you really want to prepare for it, your VT email gives you free access to LinkedIn Learning. There are a lot of courses on there. You also have access to’s vast online selection of books. Go use that to your advantage!

  33. UVA and VT are both great schools. I went to VT for my cs degree because there is a better program here imo. If you’re doing law school, maybe try UVA. That said, both schools are fine choices and it’s up to you but I’d take CS here at tech.

  34. Lin Yue Chuan - dapanji (big plate chicken) Spicity - I like the boiled fish Hunan King - Guang Dong Lu Ya (duck) Mekong - Pork pad see ew Chinese Kitchen - beef lo mein The Maroon Door - Ahi tuna appetizer and flank steak (it’s experimental upscale so I’d recommend you get something weird!) Ocean Samurai - Pork Katsu don, spicy tuna roll, eel roll The Black Hen - I think they closed down or undergoing new management, menu is seasonal and changes the 10 or so times I’ve gone but one thing always stays: lamp chops Cabo - beer battered shrimp tacos India Garden - it’s not good Indian, but rather the only Indian place but I’m a sucker for chicken tikka masala and garlic naan The Farmhouse - great place for steak, go at night since sometimes they have live music 622 - it’s all pretty good Italianos - I only order it at 1am, but get the “mixed over rice” Macados - not good food but cheap wings with friends lol Souvlaki - cheap and fast near VT campus for kebobs

  35. Maybe it was in your case... But I was, and I have met multiple hardstuck Silvers/Golds that were genuinely hardstuck because of teammates. It's been 2 years since I started playing and the patterns of matchmaking, soon after you rank up or you are close to ranking up, are so clear it is cringe at the moment.

  36. Radiant peak here: I 5-stacked with gold-plat friends playing with crosshair disabled and still managed to not only top frag, but also win most games. I also used to coach a team in VCT game changers, the most mechanically cracked player didn’t have the most impact, it was divided evenly among the team. You talk about being 3% highest score but that doesn’t matter.

  37. You've hit the nail on the head... Your "should" is how I, actually, play. Literally, 1 in 6-7 matches I get people that play for the kills not for the W. Yes, I make mistakes but they are far less than the clusterfxxx I see my teammates doing. There is a huge difference between playing with 5 friends that will listen to you, because they know you are better, and a solo q lobby where people believe you are the same rank as them just because it's shown on the screen. Actually, being top 3% in Kovaak means that I improved from being bottom 20%. Aim trainers are really good for practice and repetition. As a real life tennis coach I know what is required to improve a certain skill (e.g. loads of repetition, getting the feeling/technique right), and how to design a session to practice or warm up. Even more important is that most of my high scores, in static scenarios, I have in top 3-5% are with +98% accuracy. Hell, I have a top 1% score in a very popular tracking scenario with, literally, a stick man. My point is that, because of the teammates I get, on a constant basis, I cannot take favourable fights or I have to fix their mistakes. I blame this on the matchmaking and the ranking systems. My problem is not that people suck, is that those people, somehow, end up on my team, almost, every single match. For instance, the other day I had my first teammate that played Skye and he was saying when he was going to flash. First Skye I have met to let us know he was flashing in 800h of Valorant. Obviously, we won, I bottom fragged, but I, kind of, clutched the last two rounds. Without the comms we wouldn't have won.

  38. Sorry but I think there is an aspect that you’re not telling me. I’d be happy to demo review your next two or three games as long as you don’t cherry pick too performing games.

  39. There were power tools and I did what I did. I wouldn’t want to scream into the phone even if I racked a shotgun. You can think what you want.

  40. Definitely, I hope that I can be more prepared if another situation arises.

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