1. Part of Mainnet check list is to verify your wallet before moving your coins to your wallet. That's when you would have found out if there was any issues with your wallet and if you needed to make a new one. Try sending a message to "The Core Team". That's the only thing you can do at this point.

  2. The Government and the old families who have ran it for so long. These are new time's with new ways of doing thing's "that's just facts". We will catch the bullshit they try to get over on us now. I'm 50 so when I say the older families "it's the ultra rich families that's ran America" since the industrial age.

  3. My grandma told me not to cross my legs because the baby wouldn't have room. I told her the baby was making me uncomfortable and I was going to move into whatever position I needed and that is what is best for both of us.

  4. I've learned that every woman that has kid's "when it comes to first time pregnant woman" they will give them all kinds of advice because their a pro 😆 That's what they think anyway

  5. That is why I have changed and only ever give one unsolicited piece of advice no one ever gave me when my babies were small and I figured out. Hold on though, it's super profound...

  6. That's good advice and your not trying to tell them "you can't do this or that because your baby will die" Having a way to save a shitty explosion is always good advice 😆💯

  7. The parting of the red sea- I would love to witness it

  8. If you connected your Pi account to your Facebook account you can get on through it that way. Anytime you get a new phone with the same number you can get on with no issue. If you have a new phone with a new number but didn't link your Facebook account to your Pi account go through your email but you'll have to request the phone number change. It would be wise to always link your Facebook account so anytime you get a new phone and number you can get back on with no issues but try the above ways and see what happens. Those are the ways I got back on mine or if you still have your old phone and still works get on and link your Facebook account then get on your new phone and connect to your Facebook account and you'll be able to get on. Hope this helps✌

  9. Hell ya it is but how could anyone prove it? If I had it recorded I could have but them dudes kissed his ass for a check. I couldn't do it

  10. Get together everyone he did it to then make a case

  11. Ya I can try that one he gets out of prison but I'm sure I can track the other one down. I just might look into that. Worth a shot I guess

  12. Well, if you have the financial means to willingly sustain a 99.95% loss, so be it… however, that doesn’t seem logical. I imagine Dr Nick will sell all he can as soon as his contracts allow.

  13. Like I said "We all make our own choice" good luck with yours. One person's logic isn't for everyone and yours isn't for me, just like mine isn't for you but I wouldn't try telling someone what they should or shouldn't do. I made a pretty nice comfortable life in my choices. Could I have done some thing's different and made more or made those choices a little easier "absolutely" but we all learn differently by the choices we make but what I'm trying to accomplish is totally different then what you are. Your looking at cashing out in near term with as much as you can "I get it, that's obvious" what I'm trying to do is build some thing for my kid's and grandkids that'll be around awhile "we just have different goals". I'm at a age where what I do isn't really for me but if I can pass it on, then I'm happy

  14. No, you’re missing my point. I have no intention of cashing out early. I will buy once the transition occurs and π are selling for $7/1,000 units. After all, the total supply is 100B. $700mm is a decent float for coins that people clicked on their phone once per day. 20% of that would be $140mm. Now, if the price were locked in at $60/unit, that would be $6T. That’s $2T more than the total economic value of Japan! If someone is willing to pay that for a hybrid crypto currency with no real infrastructure, so be it. When the trade price was $300+, that would place the value at $30T, which would be about $5T more than the total US economy…

  15. I see what your saying but to be honest I don't hold those IOU's to much of nothing. It'll be a different story if Pi got listed and was selling for that. If that happens I'll sell some no problem but I been in crypto awhile and I'm not holding my breath for a IOU and on the market they even say they are not going to be reliable for any money or Pi lost to IOU's. That's something I've never delt with, don't know much about, and I myself I'm not going to trust it. I've been in the stock market awhile and futures is like a IOU but the market's cover future's so that wouldn't be a issue but again their 2 different classes. I have most of mine locked up til 2025 but not all of them. The one's I don't I'll sell once it's listed if they are going for a good price "no one would pass the chance up" but I'm not trusting the IOU's. If you want to I would advise look into them and what you would be getting involved in before trusting them. A lot can go wrong and the market already said they are not reliable. Just do your research and if you feel comfortable in making that choice then the choice is yours but if the IOU's are going for that once Pi is listed then Pi will most likely sell for more when it first gets listed. After a few days and everyone sells the price will come down until it starts building again it never fails but like I said just check into them before you do and good luck

  16. You won! Your NFT has been transferred to you!

  17. You would get more standing on the nearest corner holding a "please help" sign.

  18. Apparently, all humans are supposed to outgrow wanting to have fun at age 20 or something.

  19. Na I'm going on 50 and I have more fun now then when I was 20 😂🤣😂

  20. I love it after Putin attacked for no reason, Ukraine wasn't doing nothing accept being peaceful. Putin had in his mind that he was going to attack either Ukraine or Japan and had the same excuses to use for each other which has already been leaked. He was going to attack Japan at first saying their Nazis and Japan was planning and plotting on Russia. Then at the last minute he decided to attack Ukraine and used the same reason but he thought it was going to be a easy win in a couple weeks "He was wrong on that one". He figured he could go and destroy Ukraine in no time and no one else would want to test him. What he did was show that most of his weapons are outdated and Ukraine wasn't backing down "Don't get me wrong" I wish it never happened but since it is happening I have to say Putin is dead wrong for what he did. He is murdering people for no reason other then he wanted to attack. He is also getting his own citizens murdered. There is people with family on both side's and they don't have a choice but to fight each other.

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