1. also, the 5pm and later permit is i think only 50 dollars a quarter. but yes the bus should be better and the little shuttles used to go off campus

  2. if you have a pcv permit than you can park in any non parking meter parking after 5 anywhere

  3. It’s algos so hopefully it’s fully chilling

  4. Eh, that’s pretty simplified. Just because someone believes they can do something they’ve never tried, doesn’t actually mean they’ll be able to do it. Most allos haven’t “tried” being celibate, before promising they can do it for their ace partner. So yes, they might be consenting to it at first, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be miserable later on. As for talking about divorce as if it’s a simple thing: it’s not. You get emotionally attached to people, even if one aspect of your relationship doesn’t match up. Additionally, there’s usually money involved in a marriage/divorce, so sometimes it’s just more comforting to maintain the status quo so long as you aren’t outright hateful of the other person, and/or still love them enough that you wouldn’t be interested in a different partner anyway.

  5. was he masturbating? i honestly don't get how he was so sexually frustrated when he could do something about it himself?

  6. Yes, he was masturbating. He even tried having sex with other people (with my encouragement), but to a person to whom sex is an emotional expression of love, there’s just nothing that can replace doing it with the person you’re in love with.

  7. sex isn't really a bonding activity for me but i think it's all the rape i experienced and not me being demi

  8. I've never been diagnosed, but i've suspected it for a while. Maybe it was just the way I was raised, though, how I felt like I never really had a voice.

  9. Wait, does 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner also help with detangling?

  10. if you have curly hair you can try conditioner only (make sure the conditioner doesn't have silicone in it)

  11. People are self diagnosing autism? What in the Fuck. I had to get diagnosed with it by a neurologist when I was a kid and it took a full day of testing.

  12. people self diagnose autism because female and male presentation often gets ignored and women, poc, and woc are often dismissed for not presenting the same way white boys do. getting tested is really really expensive depending on where you live and not accessible to everyone. if you officially get diagnosed then you can't move to certain countries like new Zealand because ableism.

  13. Its not all, but there's nothing playful or great about dissociation, hopefully you don't suffer from these.. I don't think I said ban, I'm pro free speech and different opinions. Portraying any dissociative disorder in such playful manner is romanticizing and for people who are suffering with these is triggering. Its easy to miss how serious this is unless you're directly affected by it.

  14. i don't have did but I've been constantly low level dissociated for years and i would be down to read funny dissociation memes. like i like to play around and make fun in jokes about autism with other autistic people. do you have dissociation? cause like, i don't think it's triggering for everyone and assuming that people who aren't triggered by the same things your are are just faking is gatekeeping and harmful

  15. Thank you, I really appreciate the sympathy. It's so frustrating because I know that tampons/cups would make things so much easier, but it's just too painful to insert tampons. Unfortunately, I don't think a doctor would agree to do a hysterectomy or ablation on me because I'm so young :(

  16. I seem to recall something about penis size and vaginal depth being coded by the same gene, probably not a 1:1 measure though

  17. The thing I really liked about inpatient treatment was that after each session I didn’t have to send the kids home to the moderately to severely dysfunctional homes that were feeding my client’s problems in the first place. Everyone freaks out about inpatient treatment, even adults, but it does give you time away from your hectic and (possibly) fucked up life so you can focus on you.

  18. my inpatient was pretty terrible. no real therapy, no med management, very boring, kept feeding me food that was bad for my diabetes. but i did stop eating for a few days just to not have to deal with the diabetes stuff anymore. i will never do inpatient again. if i can't be fixed by partial hospitalization or iop i would rather die

  19. my fiancee was struggling with that yesterday. i took a picture of her and told her how pretty she looked and then showed her some pictures from earlier in her transition so she could see how far she came. maybe look at old pictures to help?

  20. I cut it and place it in, I apply a small amount of superglue to all four corners and lay a piece of photo paper, glossy side up, on top. Then I add four more dots of super glue to the photo paper and then snap the back on, holding tightly for about 30 seconds

  21. so they just make little picture Keychain things that you can open up and stick things in. thanks

  22. Thanks, this story happened a few years ago, wierdly I ended up thanking the person later on because their fuck up made me realize my potential when it comes to tracking groups of numbers like that and how badly militaries need people like that.

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