1. She made him limp as a noodle and he still broke her hand with his head. She liked his fighting spirit. jk jk XD (oh god)

  2. The only reason to kill someone is for the ego to assert dominance. It is a surefire way to silence what it fears. Killing shows no regard for human life. If you create a scenario in which it seems to save lives, then it is a partial perspective only wrapped around your personal desires and allegiences. There's always another way. It's a difficult concept for most western audiences to accept given our programming, which is why I think Aang's story is so misunderstood and criticized.

  3. Just doing what I love! I learned alot and thought about this alot for years!

  4. I'm guessing she basically would treat Zuko much more kindly, but still compete with him for Ozai's acceptance.

  5. In my opinion, Buddhism is actually more of a philosophy than a religion. I think I even saw a post in the buddhism sub expressing that thought as well. (As well as a comment saying you don't need to believe in any gods and can focus on the practical lessons by themselves if one desires, making it feel like it is a philosophy)

  6. What is J? .. I've only heard them say SS, 2, 3, 4, God, Blue.. where is everyone getting the J from?? Serious question, I have no idea. Is it from the Manga or something??

  7. I think the Gohan and kefla match was a dumb idea. Goku vs kefla was better. Dyspo was a better match for Gohan and more interesting character. Kefla is just knock off broly.

  8. Agreed. Gohan used his head to win the anime fight. And they used Kale simply to get "she's like broly" hype back in 2017.

  9. Fr, everyone in their emotions hating you and getting offended by your opinion.

  10. How did TOP Goku master it when current Goku hasn’t mastered it yet?

  11. Because ppl saw the word "Mastered" when trying to translate the title for ep 129 back when it first aired, then hyped themselves up and stuck with the thought that it was mastered without question even though the subs later say he rather "completed" it, but the fans chose to keep "mastered" in their heads instead of thinking about the word "completed".

  12. Meelo isn’t that bad; he just acts like a typical kid his age. Maybe you guys just don’t like little kid behavior (which is valid).

  13. I very much agree with this. Ppl just hate kids being kids, yet we most likely were like them when we were the same age.

  14. Exactly, the firenation was likely taught that the Avatar was an evil guy bent on destroying the FireNation, whilst painting Ozai as their savior.

  15. The very first time power levels were introduced, they were immediately exposed as bullshit. Wearing a heavy shirt is enough to throw the readings off and they have no way of showing actual power levels, just surface level, which is how Raditz got dunked on by a toddler.

  16. Skips is in both SSJ4 and UI at all times so, yeah sounds about right XD

  17. id make Kale and Caulifla's interactions more explicitly romantic instead of just being yuri-bait like. theyre minor characters and it hurts no one and gives them a little more character.

  18. Goku goes 1st and uses Kaioken instead of Full Power to defeat Zamasu's Holy Wrath. It takes a toll on both Goku and Zamasu's stamina with Goku collapsing.

  19. Why is almost everyone in this comment section awarded. Not that I'm complaining XD

  20. I'm not sure why you're putting quotations around contradicts when it does for two of the origin stories of bending that were given from the original series. With the water tribe, they make it clear waterbending was learned by imitating the way the water and moon spirits interacted, not techniques but rather the actual motion and movement of water. With the story of Oma and Shu, them learning how to move earth from the badgermoles was specifically so they could meet together without fear of their villages doesn't make sense if the ability to move earth was granted to all by the turtles. It's just a bad retcon so they can reuse imagery from ATLA.

  21. Then how come there are still nonbenders. Just teach them the movements. Heck why couldn't they try learning multiple elements because it's gained from imitating those original benders.

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