Division Series Game 1 - The Braves fell to the Phillies by a score of 7-6 - Tue, Oct 11 @ 01:07 PM EDT

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  1. I still can’t believe we won the World Series. Lol!

  2. If someone told me at the start of 21 that in 2 years from now we would have a ring and Freddie Dansby and chip would all be gone I would call you liar.

  3. Your daily reminder that sports stars aren't necessarily heroes.

  4. It's not shocking in slightly that professional athletes are not the most well adjusted individuals. They go from being the best player in highschool get a huge signing bonus leave home make it to the majors and you got a 20 something who has never had a normal life since they were probably 16 in a new city on their own with ton a money. Way more than the ones you heard of do some fucked up or shady or stupid shit. They just haven't had someone call them out on social media or been arrested.

  5. Yet Ozuna got a pass. So much inconsistency when it comes to the enforcement of penalties (in the MLB) related to domestic abuse. Ban them all.

  6. The severity of the violations are not the same in all cases. Ozuna was arrested statements were taken and a legal process played out. In the case of Bauer and Clevenger they happened in private. MLB can investigate can punish based on it's policy and the punishments within. However without criminal charges I believe MLB can only do so much. After that it's up to the teams to not want them.

  7. Stetson with the last pick! HE IS THE PROMISED ONE!

  8. It would be very on brand to just sign as an undrafted free agent.

  9. I understand we've got holes to fill, but just imagine Lamar at the helm. We're turning into a very run heavy team, what with CP, Pitts, and Allgeier. Add him to the mix, and they won't know where the run is coming from. Plus, the man is just magical to watch. I'm a little biased though. I had drafted him as a backup in my league his mvp year and he helped me win quite a bundle of money and has since become one of my favorite players ever. I know he's asking for a lot, but you get what you pay for, and I could see him being just the thing we need to at the very least clinch our division. While it might hurt a bit financially it would most certainly rev up the fan base and give a lot of new spirit to this franchise. Love to see it.

  10. Sounds great until you can't draft or sign anyone. You need lineman to open running lanes and a defense to get stops or you are not running the ball with anyone.

  11. Lamar Jackson in this offense would be fucking unbelievable there is no denying that no matter what you think we should do.

  12. Cool so we re live the Mike Vick glory days of not winning anything. At least it would entertaining.

  13. Thats crazy to me because I don't view Tannehill as an elite QB so it's sort of wild that someone is like "yeah, I want to be the next Ryan Tannehill".

  14. Brady Rodgers and Manning old school pocket passers and Mahomes is a unicorn.

  15. It's funny they probably made him hit left handed in a pick up game.

  16. Or we could win out host a playoff game. Get our young players some experience in the playoffs and see what happens. We can talk tanking when we lose one more game.

  17. Honestly we are alive in mid December. That is all fans should be happy about. Having your season end in October and have nothing to play for come this time of year sucks so much ass. It doesn't matter at the end of the day that our record sucks or that our division sucks. We have another week to look forward to. A chance to host a playoff game. I will take getting bounced in the first round over not participating every time.

  18. This. The older I get the less I feel you have to win a superbowl to have fun like I used to. Football is entertainment and being able to root for your team deep into the season is always fun, no matter what the actual final outcome is.

  19. Good example the 2010 Packers and the 2011 Giants won Superbowls. Neither team has won one since going on a decade plus now. Giants have made the playoffs once since 2011 while the Packers have made the playoffs 9 times since 2010. Obviously we haven't won a Superbowl but I would much rather spend a decade plus being competitive than be irrelevant.

  20. This could only have happened to Matt.

  21. Yea and if Grissom turned into a gold glover, makes it sting less and looks like a good move. Huge unknown though

  22. If Dansby reverts to hitting like Dansby has was prior to last season it will look like a good move. It's not a great long term financial decision to bank on a player outperforming their contract year.

  23. I wouldnt mind Tim Anderson if AA could extend him

  24. 20M/yr sounds goofy today but 8-9 years from now it will be a steal.

  25. “No matter how my daughter acts don’t disrespect her”

  26. You can't disrespect someone you don't respect to begin with. Walking around with expectation of having the respect of complete strangers is insane to me.

  27. I can’t remember the last time the Falcons were the first team in the NFL to do X, and that X was something positive. Really digging this season.

  28. It's was 2016 before the dark times.

  29. I would buy all the politicians and fix this world.

  30. Damn if I found out they were trying to trade me for Corbin I would go out drinking too.

  31. It’s pretty impressive that we got 4/5 ngl. I think the NL west is closest with 3.

  32. If Philly wins that's 3 in a row cause 2020 doesn't count

  33. This is the correct energy. If it was Patriots vs Saints in the Super Bowl back in the day...I'm throwing on a Brady jersey that I'll burn later after they win.

  34. I don't know maybe it's because we play the Phillies so much in long seasons but I as much as I hate the Phillies it's no where near the level I hate the Saints or Tom Brady

  35. Loved Chuck James back in the day.

  36. Sadly you can say that about a lot of young pitchers around that time.

  37. I’m sorry but if I was pitching and someone spiked their bat on me, then they would definitely be plunked their next AB. Talk about disrespect.

  38. Nah I just love every second of Acuna pulling out all the swag on his lead off homer to the sad Philly boos.

  39. This is off season content during the NLDS. you're jumping the gun.

  40. Phillies offense finally slowed down, postseason Morton is different. Strider is a monster. Nola is great but he isn’t Wheeler, we hadn’t even beat wheeler all year and finally did it, BUT we already beat Nola and neither are deGrom and Scherzer. Also they’re probably throwing out Falter in game 4 who we crushed and its his first postseason start as a rookie. Take one or two in Philly, both games are at 4:40 so we’re actually fine on that front, go take it to em in Philly we have all the momentum.

  41. We taking both games in Philly. BRAVES IN 4 BOOK IT

  42. At first, I didn’t mind the early starts, but this is kind of BS not giving the champs the prime time spot. So sick of all the gushing over LA and yesterday to the NYY.

  43. I get LA SD having late starts being both west coast. They should of spread the others games around Yankees should have an early start we should have a late one in at least 1 of the first three.

  44. Not a fan of stopping the game to have the grounds crew manicure the mound that the previous 10 pitchers had no problem with. It seem to be a thing with him.

  45. If it was a Braves pitcher you’d have zero issue. Stop

  46. I would absolutely have an issue with it if they did it everyday

  47. Braves in 4 book it. Braves gonna come back hot tomorrow.

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