1. Gym-tokers/gymstagrammers are some of the worst people

  2. You’re forgetting access to Shield and that they have better unarmored defense due to the dragon scales, plus options like Absorb Elements and Silvery Barbs

  3. Barbarians can wear medium armor and wield a shield with no penalties to their EHP. They just wind up with a useless unarmored defense feature. Half plate gives them 15 AC, with a +2 dex bonus that’s 17. With a shield that’s 19.

  4. There’s such a thing as an off-tank, since often there’s more than one threat.

  5. Oh, absolutely. I think the hill dwarf/draconic ancestry build is very good at taking damage. This meme just poked that part of my brain that analyzes stuff like this and I wanted to vomit it up

  6. In my experience it’s brown eyed people that are obsessed with eye color (Nazi’s being the exception)

  7. This is the most cursed gif I’ve seen today

  8. If people seeing you do your job results in a “loss of reputation”, then it sounds like you shouldn’t being working in that job.

  9. The thing is they weren’t doing their job. They were using the badge their job gives them to steal.

  10. Haha, one good thing that has happened is that people were allowed to share their ridiculous views so now you really know where your friends stand and can distance yourself accordingly

  11. But somehow that’s “cancel culture.”

  12. This is the episode where they capture Malcolm Reynolds and hook him up to an advanced interrogation device that presents a dream-like hallucination that’s almost indistinguishable from reality, all to get him to reveal his knowledge of wormhole technology.

  13. That’s awesome. A lot of people commenting have been all “I won’t let players DICTATE the setting to me,” and while I can relate to that (I certainly like to have creative freedom and even when doing collaborative world building like to maintain the power to implement their ideas how I see fit) I also think it’s kind of shooting yourself in the foot. Your players are likely creative people with some great ideas. No reason not to use that resource.

  14. So it will be a manga that’s funny for about 20 chapters and then gets boring as hell

  15. It can be done right. Look at one punch man. The guy is the "fix it button". It's still pretty good

  16. It can definitely be done well and One Punch Man is a good example. However, One Punch Man isn’t just about Saitama. A lot of the chapters focus on the side characters and Saitama isn’t even present. So while it does have a gimmick, that gimmick is kept fresh because that isn’t the only thing the manga is about.

  17. Maybe if she had a butt plug in, this would be a hol up

  18. Dang, bro got PoF to work? Nothing but scammers on that app

  19. Oddly enough I tried them all. Even paid subs for a while on a couple. Met my current wife on PoF.

  20. I’ve also tried them all. PoF was one of the worst IMO. I went on one date with someone on PoF and she was just in it for free food. Told me during the meal that she’s “Brad Pitt-sexual”

  21. I’d bet they had already measured and marked the board for cutting

  22. I came here because I cringed at the spelling of character. Found something even more cringe inside. This meme is cursed.

  23. What were they doing looking at this for seven minutes? Hmmm…

  24. This is why I will never help a child

  25. Hold the dooreo, is that mayoreo?

  26. Don’t worry OP, everyone runs out of ideas

  27. I don’t understand the point of the dad being dracula in each of these

  28. I do like the comics I just think it’s odd

  29. I don’t see how any other truth is possible. You’d have to work retail to understand.

  30. Wait until one of your friends tries to gaslite the DM to get their way

  31. They aren’t my friend any more. My point is that playing with your friends doesn’t prevent that type of thing from happening.

  32. Your DM needs to hit you with more fireballs

  33. Can you give a specific scene or reference? I know the names but I don’t really follow Critical Role, and the campaigns are loooong

  34. If I'm on a dating app and a girl says "hey I'd like to see you but first please sign this dating etiquette pdf", then that's a red flag. It indicates that they spend an unusual amount of time and effort policing behaviour, which most people aren't super into.

  35. D&D isn’t a dating app and having some sort of hard set of rules on paper with a signature makes sense when you take into account that more than two people are putting time and effort into making a D&D session possible.

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