Overwatch 2 a Pathetic Preview - Dunkey

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  1. Maybe when she drowned herself she actually left her corporeal body behind. When she got out of the tub she was on a different level of existence.

  2. That scene seemed like it had a large focus put on it so you may be right on some level.

  3. Now that Nolan & Lisa Joy have done multiple Caleb's are they going to do Gary's in the Fallout show?

  4. So will we see a MiB stand off? Buried Gunslinger v The William that has been working with Hale for 23 years?

  5. Human William HAS to have some say in how the story plays out, surely…

  6. Aw man remember in halo 2, and 3 you could do every jump backwards while shooting your gun and moving at max speed, with no animations locking you from defending yourself? The good ole days…

  7. I was lukewarm on S2 when I watched it live but I ended up really liking it a lot when I rewatched it.

  8. I think equipped armor should have a % weight reduction to imitate the fact that it's easier to carry stuff like this, rather than in backpack. Same should apply for chest rigs and to "good", "tactical" backpacks to make them more important. Not saying percentage should be big, but even 10-20% is a step in right direction.

  9. I swear this was the most cursed card in all of BGs for me.

  10. Hughie is the lead. He’s the audience surrogate basically.

  11. Maybe in the beginning of the show, but currently in season 3 Homelander and Butcher are clearly the ones driving the story. Their actions cause everything to move forward.

  12. Why would have you a setup like this OUTSIDE. I’m so confused lol

  13. This wipe early wipe was absolutely not better. It was awful with the recoil and most people seemed to avoid PvP as well as they could. It didn't start to get enjoyable until people got the UMP-45 and could do something else than snipe heads with an SKS and a PSO.

  14. In all 3 clips it looks like the ball is almost pinched or hit on the rim at exactly the angle each time

  15. These are the most under power tanks in BF history and people still bitched about them.

  16. Infantry players have been killing this franchise for a looooong time.

  17. Of all the games you could’ve compared battlefield to, you compared it to a hugely-optimised, massively competitive game that has been rigorously balanced for two decades now

  18. Arsenal and Joyo using a Mustang in the top tier RLCS events has already begun corroding the octane meta

  19. There’s been plenty of times new cars have been interjected in the pro level meta by a pro or 2 but it never lasts.

  20. Pretty sure both the Harbinger and Dingo were called Octane/Fennec killers when they came out

  21. It’s funny because I hated the dingo when it came out but it’s been my main over the last month or so and I’m loving it

  22. It’s sad people are impressed by this. Bf1, and bfv have destructible walls almost everywhere

  23. Why do you guys tout destruction in games like BF1, BC2 when all the maps are comprised of boring ass farm houses?

  24. Kinda disappointed that this is getting downvoted. All the direct comparisons in destruction between BF1/BFV vs 2042 is probably the dumbest shit I've seen on this subreddit. Turns out that it's a lot easier to apply destructability to small villages in an old setting as opposed to giant oil rigs, stadiums, skyscrapers.

  25. Well the sub is filled with Braindead husks of human beings who haven’t had a single original or critical thought of their own since they were around 6 years old so it’s not too surprising.

  26. Are they doing ow2 simply to get people to have to buy a new game, plus buy all their skins back? Is it just a money grab, cause I feel like they could of just updated ow

  27. I think the competitive multiplayer component is free, think of it like an update. You only have to pay for the new Co-op mode.

  28. Nah, it’s really turning into an agent based tactical game with occasional shooting. The new agents make gun play less and less fair. Philosophically the game is a dead end.

  29. Power creep kills most games of this genre. Like every new hero/legend/character needs to be exceedingly crazier, or be a better version of another character, or have a game breaking ability. And it’s even more annoying when the games start off as FPS games but new gadgets/abilities quickly take over. See OW, Siege, Val, ect…

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