1. Deducting 100% of rental expenses for a property that is rented for significantly below market value to a family member. Turns out that charging well below market rate disqualifies us from deducting ANY of the expenses.

  2. Since these numbers even exist (if they are true), apparently science did not ignore this.

  3. I'm not surprised, but if this data was correct or not is not really my point here. But great job in looking it up. That is of course very important as well. BUT:

  4. I don't disagree with your sentiment... Except that the most shocking numbers they use to "prove" their point are typically made up.

  5. Me three for LTS. They found a leaky transfer case on my 4Runner at just over 30k. Before they quoted the fix, they sent me back to the dealership with photos and a writeup. It took some "discussion" with the service manager, but I was able to get it fixed by the dealer at no charge. Class operation all around.


  7. Came here to recommend Selegiline as well. I have a 14 year old dachshund who started showing signs of dementia around a year ago, and the daily Selegiline has made a big difference for him.

  8. I graduated with my PhD a year and a half-ish ago.

  9. My PhD was in materials science and engineering, and I am now a process engineer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. I lucked out and got a job offer very quickly because my graduate research experience was closely related to the job function.

  10. Thank you for the detailed response. I would like to say I applied to those 100 of jobs with 100 different resumes but no, I didn’t have the time for that before I finished my dissertation. I thought HR would call if the received an average resume and it would be then I could shine about my experience. I started only applying to biotech/medical device industry but have sense grown my applications to anything and everything that requires a BS-PhD in engineering.

  11. I think you should focus on quality instead of quantity. Find a few jobs that you think you're a good candidate for in terms of education and experience. Spend some time tailoring your resume and cover letter to each job before applying.

  12. This needs more votes. I literally have the same floor but builder caulked these area and guess what? Floor buckled.

  13. Caulk could not have caused your floor to buckle. Caulk is not strong, and the caulk would give well before the floor would.

  14. The company that manufactured the flooring got involved and the builder had to fix a number of houses in the neighborhood, including mine. The fix was replacing the buckled panels and removing the caulking.

  15. From an operational perspective, whether a structure is “defensible” or not is a function of whether or not the structure has a safety zone at the structure. A safety zone is a place where firefighters can stay and be safe given worst case fire behavior without having to deploy shelters. It has been taught that the safe separation distance (basically the radius of the safety zone) should be at least 4 x flame length, although more recent research shows that wind and slope increases convective heat impacts significantly and those factors can mean that a safety zone has to be much larger than that. If a structure doesn’t have an adequate safety zone and thus is not defensible, the options are prep and leave or rescue drive by. Prep and leave means that given some time prep work like thinning and limbing trees around the structure, pulling away flammable material like wood stacks, needle cast and debris, perhaps installing portable pump/sprinkler systems can be done. This kind of work can improve the chances of the structure’s survival, and honestly should be done by every home owner who lives in the Wildland Urban Interface, (WUI, or a place where structures are build in wildland fuels). However, with prep-and-leave, fire fighters won’t be staying at the structure if the flame front is approaching. Rescue-drive by is where firefighters deem that too much work needs to be done (given time and/or resource constraints) to be able to make an appreciable difference, so their efforts are better used elsewhere. This is all an exercise in triage, which like all triage, is based on criteria but implemented through human judgement. Triage is never fun, and believe me firefighters feel the weight of having to make difficult decisions that impact other people lives. I wish you and your family the best and hope that you will be able to return to an intact cabin.

  16. Prep and hold is for structures that are pretty resistant to fire to begin with and require minimal work to be really secure. Think a home with a metal roof, concrete siding, and a large green lawn on all sides that clear of debris and other flammables. Somewhere an engine can hang out and let the fire burn around them.

  17. Thank you for the very detailed response. Our cabin has a steep metal roof and wood siding. Upon my insistence, the firewood pile was moved off the deck to an outbuilding. In our case, I suspect the number of large trees nearby are the main issue... The forest is pretty dense there. As another response mentioned, fire crew safety may also be a major concern since the driveway is steep and narrow and there are no alternative exit routes.

  18. Hey I just wanted to reply again if you see this. It’s been almost a year since my dissertation and hot damn am I in suuuch a better place. Your response legit helped me feel less alone and I appreciate that!

  19. I'm so glad it helped, and even more glad that you're in a better place now!

  20. I would recommend getting your pup checked out by a vet. Try to get a video of the sneezing episodes so you can show the vet in case it's not occurring when you're at the vet's office.

  21. Yeah fuck these guys, I couldn’t tell if they were awful to me because I was wearing a mask or because I am a woman. They get a kick out of being self righteous

  22. Interesting... I wondered if the harassment was worse because I'm a woman.

  23. Ah, I guess that’s a little less weird, but still fucking weird hahah

  24. Still super weird to me. If I owned a business and my "regulars" were harassing other customers who were minding their own business and shopping, I'd ban the regulars from the premises.

  25. I'm in a somewhat similar situation, except I'm almost a decade older than you. When we were matched a few months ago, I had just turned 35 and my little had just turned 8. I do not have children and don't have a lot of experience around young kids. I'm sure my Little sees me as "old"... But we have been having an absolute blast from day #1.

  26. I think it really depends what kinda position you want in the industry. Do you just wanna do experiments all day without thinking about why? Then just be a technician. Your masters will be more than enough.

  27. For me the medical bills would be a concern. It’s what stops me from getting more animals (have a dog and a cat).

  28. Trump appointee, tells you pretty much everything you needed to know

  29. Although I generally agree, he's a Trump appointee who was re-appointed by Biden.

  30. I have to say that as a person with ADHD who completed my PhD in 2021, this really hits close to home for me.

  31. Ya a lot of used cars aren’t worth it for the amount of miles they have. Even for around 15-20k they have 80k+ miles.

  32. Mileage is not the most important consideration when buying a used car.

  33. Replying to myself to add some more clarification.

  34. I've only been a Big for 3 months, but I was told that it is entirely the Big's responsibility to make contact and schedule outings. We are supposed to be the reliable/consistent ones in our Littles' lives, and reaching out to them is part of that consistency.

  35. I can't comment on the policy but I try to do every other week with my little and we've done 4-6 hours together and never have had any issues with my coordinator or littles parent. My littles mom usually says to me to bring him back whenever as she enjoys the time I spend with him. I do play It safe and try not to keep him too long. He gets tired as It gets later and I know when it's time to bring him back home from an outing we are on. It could be the 1st year as you being a big and a safety issue on there end. Hopefully they stretch your allowed time together. Any time spent with my little is a good time so I'll take what I can get.

  36. That's the same dynamic I've had with my little and her family, and it was working very well for us. We really hit it off from day #1.

  37. My chapter only let us do overnights after being together for 2 years because they don't want to give pedophiles a chance to sneak off with kids, and they say by setting up such guidelines that this is a way to prevent this from happening.

  38. That 2-yr requirement is the type of limitation I was expecting, since safety is of course the most important thing... especially for vulnerable kids who may already be dealing with instability and trauma in their lives.

  39. I give my 13 yr old English Bulldog 100 mg of trazodone every night. She has horrible anxiety at night. It has been the only thing that has helped. Thankfully, she hasn’t had any UTI symptoms. I have been giving her this for about 6 months. She is mostly blind, doesn’t hear well, & has dementia. Thanks for posting this as I will be aware that could happen. She has had a few UTIs in the past. I almost had her euthanized about 6 weeks ago, had an appt to do it, but I just couldn’t. She has settled down a lot since then, thank God. I dread the day when I lose her. I’m a senior citizen, widowed, & live alone with her. She’s like my child.

  40. It's so difficult to make that decision to euthanize, even when it's the right decision because the pet is suffering. They really are like family, and it is so painful to lose them.

  41. First sign of trouble and killing your pet is your first choice. Excellent

  42. Hey congratulations! You're the first person to reply with a completely asshole response!

  43. My husband and I could NEVER share a double sleeping bag. We have difficulty sleeping together on anything smaller than our king size bed.

  44. Stop spreading hot springs info online please! This sub should really ban it.

  45. For walk-in or undeveloped hotsprings I agree with you because over-crowding is a major problem... But Zims and Goldfork are both businesses that advertise and are open to the public for a fee. They're the perfect places to direct people.

  46. Me and my husband taught mine how to use stick shift. It was terrifying lol

  47. Weirdly enough, that sounds less intimidating to me. I've taught at least 5 people to drive stick shift over the years, so I know how to do it. But since I've never taught anyone to ride a bike, I'm totally intimidated lol

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