Lost all on the market & I work real estate both dead starting the year with missing my mortgage payment. How do I tell my wife and kids

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  1. Lol. Ya know. If he would have been in jail for that drunk driving like a regular citizen would have been. He probably wouldn't have been assaulted. Js.

  2. What do you mean?Velma has single-handedly united the left and the right. I never thought I’d see the day.

  3. Great! Let's keep this energy going and focus on our politicians corruption now.

  4. Best way imo is to inspect the trikes with a microscope. If you prefer old school then look at the hairs. 80%+ over the entire plant are red it should be ready. I still prefer the microscope.

  5. Wow. I'm speechless. Yea. LFG! This team feels so different to me.

  6. Maybe this is a me thing but I just buy all the same socks. Only different ones I have are 3 pairs of black dress socks. Then they always have a mate. You can just dump them in the drawer. Ezpz.

  7. Blizz is watching em. HUGE ban wave incoming......some day. Maybe.....

  8. I mean what did you expect from a game named world of warcraft? Puppies, ponies, and teddy bears?

  9. The codified corruption would be removed. The tax code would be rewritten and the loop holes would be closed. We'd go back to 1950's tax rates and the rich would paying an Excessive wealth tax. Art would not be used to hide money for tax purposes.

  10. Hope so. Some people treat group finder like RDF anyways. Still waiting for these engaging social interactions people said happen when you aren't ported to the dungeon. Most social action I've seen is "sup? Can I get a summon?"

  11. I should have been more clear but I only want dungeon finder to be enabled in the lower level content, I've not reached end-game yet but I'd assume it's much easier to find groups and a dungeon finder wouldn't be as beneficial.

  12. Yes and no. It has its own set of issues. Like I said some people treat it like it's RFD anyways. They continue questing expecting a teleport to the dungeon cuz you know they have to maximize their play time at the expense of the group they joined.

  13. MMORPG. I love being able to bash in someone's skull with a ridiculously over sized battle axe and not go to prison.

  14. Just hurry up and sell a few more over priced houses before the foreclosure. Also turn over all finance control to your wife. You're a moron and can't be trusted.

  15. Fast games are the best XP. Win or lose. The faster the better the XP per hour. It's when people do dumb shit like force a turtle cuz muh pvp that's slowed down the XP.

  16. People are too hung up on win/loss. Fast games win or lose are the best experience per hour. If people are doing AV (especially AV weekend) for PVP you're doing it wrong. Get to 80 and go play arena for PvP.

  17. Probably the same players who say RDF ruined the game cuz it teleports you to the dungeon and saying forming the group is an engaging social experience. No. It's not.

  18. None. Political parties are the death of democracy. They all become party>everything else. Go too far right. Authoritarian. Got too far left. Authoritarian.

  19. We didn't call it distinguished back then. We called it stoned af or stoned out your gord.

  20. Never fear. The gov't will bail them out. Again. I'm sure they're big donors to both parties. Their dues are paid.

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