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THE COUNT IS IN!!! Follow up post to my post asking how many shares you all held, the numbers are fucking staggering!

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  1. So youre telling me those giftcard fanatics were right??

  2. I also heard that BBBY kicks puppies. I was told by someone familiar with the matter

  3. Its good to see possibilities from all angles. Im holding this shit till 0 or 69420.69 tho

  4. Honest question, is it possible for bbby to continue operating for the foreseeable future without any merger or acquisition? And solely on its own merits of restructuring and rescaling? Ultimately is it possible for bbby to survive with no bankruptcy but also no MA?

  5. unfortunately. on paper BBBY is going bankrupt. they would be fine if they werent holding 5.2B worth of debt but that hits them really hard. generally speaking just think of it as an average joe making 50k a year but something in his past caused him to have damn near a million dollars of debt. the payments alone are killing them.

  6. I really think it was just a reporting error. And I also don’t understand how the information on those documents is construed to mean they β€œrecalled their shares”.

  7. I think the misunderstanding comes from the rule that if your shares are lent out, you dont have voting power but then they suddenly had voting power. Leading people to believe they recalled shares

  8. 25% 75%. Which one is which i am not telling you

  9. Yeah. This would normally be the time FUD would be exploding...but it isnt...its kind of...meh. its a weird point of everyone standing there confused

  10. Would selling Baby raise enough capital for BBBY to be cash flow neutral / positive and debt free? This is a serious question if the answer is yes the SHFs are extremely fucked! We want a BoBBYmoass.

  11. Baby is estimated (generously) at 1-1.5b currently. Their total debt. Is 5.2b. Unfortunately no.

  12. I am familiar with the matter myself.....I have no idea wth is going on

  13. the big piece here is the board member whos RSUs hasn't vested yet that got paid out. You can't do that without some very specific reasons. And a buyout is the main one.

  14. we later find out that this is counter as a capital loss.

  15. this explains why the price is rocketing up a massive...*checks price*....1%....

  16. chin up buddy.....could be worse. Could have shorted at $1.30.

  17. Im laying here refreshing the reddit...its so slow today. Its killing me

  18. when I see dates. I know when things are not happening.

  19. oh god that volume...alright im going to cuddle my watermelon tonight

  20. Its a good point but they cannot prioritize paying themselves out with insider trading over paying out debts owed during a bankruptcy.

  21. What the hell is going on? Posts are all a jumble of people talking like something has happened. Wtf?

  22. dude I can't believe you missed it all. it's so crazy. its all over the news....just....gaaah tits are jacked

  23. Wait...the transaction was done on jan 20th. Teddy day is feb 10th. The action according to bbbys 4.2 says it will be done 20 days prior to m&a...

  24. They can have multiple lawyers or they can work with am external firm for bankruptcy proceeding, definitely possible last minute

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