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Man curses out this dude for working out shirtless.

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  1. 28(M) from Stow. Being right next to the Cuyahoga River gives some good kayaking and tubing activities during the summer. Along with being near CVNP, you can get some good trails for hiking like Virginia Kendall, Boston Mill, and the Ledges are some pretty good ones to check out. Usually you can find groups off of meetup. com so you can probably find some crocheting groups and some others you might be interested in. I'm always open to DMs if anyone else is trying to find good groups to do activities with.

  2. Hands down one of the best series back in the day. "Stopping! Stopping!". The fact that it was recorded initially in a college dorm was so funny. Side note: the movie reviews that you used to do were great and was how I ended up watching "Felon".

  3. I love smoking before a soccer game. Helps me focus on the game and relax. Also do it working out and listening to music.

  4. Wish Luster pods would drop to at least the 40$ range. Especially when you can get 4g for 100$ in Michigan. Yeah I know it may not be as good of quality with GO or Klutch but still 1.7 grams for 120$ if hard to swallow.

  5. Ya I know vapes have come a long way in Ohio from $60 for a half g to almost half that but if they made live resin luster pods I think theyd be very popular in the market

  6. Damn, must be nice to live in a state that lets it’s citizens initiate ballots…

  7. Can only cross your fingers it doesn't end up like South Dakota.🤞🏻

  8. DeWine will just veto it because he hates to see people happy lol

  9. And then we gather signatures and put it on the ballot. I think passing it by the ballot is the only way to go.

  10. Yeah one of the few rules on this sub I think makes absolutely no sense

  11. Maybe mod takes the off day on Sunday so they can't monitor whether something needs removed image wise?

  12. Currently a manufacturing quality engineer but I'm switching to industrial engineering in January wish me luck on my drug test!

  13. Lmao is this my alt I didn’t know about? Currently sober waiting to take the drug test though.

  14. Fastest I got to was 4 days but that was during summer drinking water 24/7. It's been a little over a week and the at home drug test just barely reads negative. Lol

  15. Bro that's good af. Scratches my art fascination itch.

  16. I always pay the little extra for a Bic lighter over the cheap transparent ones. They rarely break and they're more ergonomic.

  17. The clear cheap ones are called crack lighters in the hood the flame is always super low. Nobody uses them cause a Bic gives you a good light but also lasts longer imo.

  18. Quality Engineer did one at the start but haven't had one since. I guess it's just a don't ask don't tell policy.

  19. If the guy didn't confront him he was probably was saving that vid for his spank bank.

  20. Yocan uni, ccell palm, vessel vista, O2 vape also makes some pretty good ones as well

  21. Michigan here, I buy black market for 100/oz but if I get bud with my med card I’m looking at like 300+/oz or 500/oz rec

  22. Flower bowl in Inkster about a 2 hour drive east can get you a medical ounce for $100 but it's a drive

  23. Anything is a rolling tray if you try hard enough

  24. Didn't fill my Percocet prescription and just ate edibles when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Was as good if not better substitute as the percs.

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