1. There was a time I was producing electronic music on my phone. A friend asked me to open for their band. I ended up with something resembling this. Also probably the most boring live show of all time

  2. I can’t even imagine trying to put on a show by playing beats on your phone. Lol

  3. I randomly met my high school English teacher at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, about three states away.

  4. Yeah, anti-self promotion rules can be kinda dumb. I get that you don’t want the community to devolve into everyone just spamming their projects to farm listens, but If someone shows genuine interest or is looking for feedback at can make things difficult when the mods just put the hammer down anyway.

  5. Pro tip: Don’t transfer tracks into Melodyne with low latency mode enabled. Because melodyne doesn’t update with changes to the track in real time (unless you’re using ARA version) so when low latency mode is turned off the melodyned track will still be compensating for extra latency.

  6. Also - make sure when you're transferring audio into Melodyne that your input is disabled, because if you've got a live mic in the room while you're transferring, any sound that goes through that mic will be baked into the audio Melodyne grabs (it records whatever audio comes through the channel). You don't want to figure that out the hard way by realizing there's a cat meowing in the background of a previously pristine violin track, for example - after you've spent an hour editing.

  7. Oh my god! That’s so funny, and I never would have thought of that unless it happened to me

  8. I’ve found that I get best results when I do both. My room isn’t treated the best so I get a much more accurate response from my dt990’s. I’ll typically do basic leveling, EQ, and compression, and then switch over to the speakers for panning, time based effects (I find I usually put to much reverb on things when mixing just in headphones), and final adjustments.

  9. He thinks the music on the floor is real. Its not. Its typical 90's bands. There are 100's of them.

  10. That’s not real music, it’s all imaginary. Ask anyone about the band Weezer or Blink 182, they’ll all look at you like a crazy person.

  11. Idk, that wind looks like it’s blowin’ pretty hard to me.

  12. I actually like your version more. There's something about the original image that doesn't feel uniform, like the art style of the head doesn't match the body that well in my opinion. It feels more cohesive in your version.

  13. I’ve been making my own podcast for about 2 and a half years now. I can tell you my exact chain. Noise Reduction -> EQ (remove annoying resonances, dip a couple of dB somewhere between 5k and 8k for sibilance, low cut sub bass) -> Waves Vocal Rider (this is literally the only thing I’ve ever actually liked vocal rider for, just makes the voice hit the compressor more consistently) -> Compressor (usually reducing gain between 7 to 10 db) -> light de-esser. And finally a limiter on the master.

  14. Have you tried using izotope rx 10 before. For those mouth/environment noises.

  15. I use RX (8?) voice de-noise, but I only have the Elements version because I got it for free at some point, so I haven’t gotten to try the mouth de-click module yet.

  16. “Alright kids, todays lesson. Metal core and death core and the difference between the two”

  17. Persuasive writing prompt: why Sleep Token are/aren’t metalcore. Pick a side and convince me.

  18. They’re good, but the competition has gotten way tighter in the last few years, plus the upgrade system is kinda BS if you like to keep all of your stuff up to date. I don’t think most of their plugins are worth the “full price” but they go on sale so much you can pick up most of their stuff for 30 bucks a pop or less. I personally really like the Hybrid series stuff, H delay and H comp go on probably 90% of my mixes at some point.

  19. Move to Hamtramck. You can live there cheap and walk to the schools or ride a bike. It’s very cheap and the tiny city is safe and is surrounded by Detroit

  20. I still find it so weird that Hamtramck is it’s own “city” despite being completely surrounded by Detroit proper. But hey, at least THEY allow rec weed sales at their dispos. 😂

  21. Detroit proper has rec now. Literally 30 mins ago I watched liberty cannabis at I75 and Rosa parks put up a new sign that advertises rec for 21+.

  22. No shit! I wonder how long ago that was passed.

  23. Anyone putting out this kind of work should still be practicing on fake skin. and Definitely not charging people for their work.

  24. If you’re recording it I would suggest just micing it up, it’ll sound more natural and you won’t have to worry about the pickup hum

  25. Yes it does. I enrolled my CHiLD in a LIBERAL EDUCATION SYSTEM, and they taught them what a PRONOUN WAS.

  26. Just wait till they learn about adverbs, that’s the last step before they dye their hair and start worshiping the devil (aka kamala harris)

  27. You want Red Pop or are you more of a Rock’n Rye guy

  28. And I’ll grab a case of Stroh’s just to be safe

  29. Not by themselves. The real problem is that these games should only add markers after designing the game, not design games with them in mind. Disabling markers is a surefire way to highlight shoddy level design in most games. It isn't just a crutch for players anymore, it has long since become a crutch for designers.

  30. Especially in games like the screenshot where everything is the same shade of grey. I think you need them less when games have something that makes them stand out. They don’t have to be too obvious just make them stand out from the environment s little bit

  31. It’s all about personal style and what you like. In my opinion tattoos are about styling your body and making you more confident. If you’re having second thoughts maybe pass on it for now and come back to the idea later. I think I’ve heard of people getting the stencil applied and then just living with that for a couple days to see how it makes them feel.

  32. As a Yooper transplant I’ve felt quite at home today

  33. You run into the same potential issues as parking down the road but If you Uber or Lyft there setting your pickup location away from the venue can get you picked up faster and reduce the price of your ride sometimes.

  34. Hey! I go to concerts alone quite a bit (actually pretty much every time I've seen Wage War), despite the general rowdiness at Wage War shows you'll find that most people there aren't going to give you any problems. You can of course hang around the edges if you don't feel like being in the fray of things or making friends. But typically when I go alone to shows I'll make passive comments to people about liking their shirt or if you just saw something cool happen, whatever really. You'll get a lil social momentum going and also just make yourself slightly familiar with people in case something happens. Again, most people here should be really friendly. Enjoy!

  35. Making friends in line is the best part of going to shows alone! You already have a mutual interest and you go from there. Wearing merch from another band really helps the conversation a lot. I overheard two random strangers having the most passionate and engaged discussion about Rush at a Ghost show because the guy was wearing a 2112 shirt.

  36. These people really think that it’s the colleges that causes a young adult to change as a person and not: living on their own for the first time, meeting more diverse people, experiencing new things, or changing locations

  37. If you buy anything but Fabfilter for its full list price ur gettin scammed. U gotta wait for the deals. No plug-in on this list is crucial or will give u magically better mixes. It can wait. They all have cheaper alternatives. It’s really about what works for u.

  38. Same thing with Waves, if you buy any Waves plug-in for more than $30 you just aren’t patient enough.

  39. Probably. You wouldn't know unless you quit. Everyone on

  40. That’s why I started smoking more regularly. my parents instilled hard work into me forever, but because of that I realized that I almost never relaxed. I would just work until I was dead tired and then do it all again. Weed helps me find a positive middle ground.

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