1. He is great in this. I don't care for a few aspects of the film, but I can't fault Connery at all. He was brilliant.

  2. I've seen some shampoos that are around 万円. Expensive but I guess it could work.

  3. It's great. Pictures do not do it justice. It wears so well. A great dial, amazing clasp. I love mine.

  4. uj/ Most GS watches have epic indices. The Evolution 9 Birch watches are so lovely.

  5. How is this breaking news? The Mark XX has been out for a while now.

  6. A lot of people in my area using Oita Bank. I don't personally, but I haven't heard any complaints. Some of the biggest banks have more tech / apps, and so on, which is why I use SMBC.

  7. I have a business account with SMBC. Long ago tried their online banking, but it was so shit that I stopped using it. It literally needed to run on internet explorer and have client certificate installed. (a kind of dead technology for client authentication)

  8. It’s better now but it’s still lacking. Can’t complain though. It works for what I need.

  9. Love a moon phase, just don't care for a lot of the dressier style watches that they are attached too.

  10. SMP. Not a Sub fan. I know it's iconic and whatever, but it's not my cup of tea these days. Great build quality, movement quality and Omega's Customer Service is pretty good in my experience.

  11. While late 90s when viewed I guessed butt stuff. But now I think it was oral sex on Donna. Before porn, which has just become a major thing in the late 70s, oral sex, especially on a woman, was very much not a thing so I’ve read. The VHS era of porn really exploded the popularity of many sex acts. As each decade and available of porn has for other acts. So that’s why I consider it Eric going down on Donna the naughty thing. Sex has evolved and opened up since the availability of porn but back then it was very basic.

  12. I do think this too. Anal was a bit uncommon in those days to be depicted in porn. How many 70s pornos can you find with intense butt stuff?

  13. Carvers' was really realistic. Maybe not the best over the top Bond type plan, but it was great in terms of reality. If we are to be crazy and not care about realism, then I really like TWINE. Rich oil folk trying to shit on the competition.

  14. Yep. I am used to that by now. 115 to start, 85 continue. Of that 85, might as well as be 50 who actually bother. You can't cater to them all, and most are dropping not because of you.

  15. Okay. Yes, the bread here isn't great. Compared to Europe, the bread is hot garbage.

  16. Melon pan is nice but its like a desert/sweet you buy. Imagine "Ima go buy some bread for my sandwich" and you turn up with a melon pan or a cinnamon roll xD.

  17. Fuck that strap is ugly. On the plus side, the drawn on dial won't attract much attention. But, dude probably already made up his mind, he just wanted his bits chuffed.

  18. I don't vibe with this brand whatsoever. But that really doesn't matter.

  19. Just goes to show the many uses of a Casio. An actual tool watch.

  20. The biggest issue I have, is that having lived in Japan now for a while, there are far too many people "washing" their hands. Maybe a mere splash of water, but too many folks standing around the sinks to be realistic.

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