1. I'm a good musician. I play multiple instruments with a good or great proficiency and can sing quite well. I'm getting into production as well recently and I've been writing lyrics and riffs and such for a few years now

  2. Cover the chin on the left and make it seem less like his beard is protruding from his face and more like it's enveloping it. Hope that makes sense! Maybe work on evening out the shape of his head and nose as well. The shape is good and I know with age and time people change even physically but it wouldn't hurt to make it just a little more symmetrical. Also line work could use some brushing up as well as shadowing. That's all I really have. Besides that it looks lovely! Im sure Kratos would be proud and honored if he could see it himself.

  3. i didnt knitice this in the beard, thnaks man( about the shape of the head you're completely right lol)

  4. No problem! I'm not much an artist in the visual sense but I pick up on details very well. Like I said as a whole the piece is very nice!

  5. The chorus from the light behind your eyes always gets a tear or two out of me.

  6. Damn, I didn't know you were chill like that- the crocs to the capybara

  7. I'm gonna do two lists because I find it very hard not to pick the Gaang.

  8. Gerard Way. A lot of people write him off as just another whiny pop punk/emo vocalist but a lot of his inflections and runs as well as the way he utilizes screams is quite unique and stands out from the crowd in a good way I believe, no pun intended ;)

  9. If you want to you should but I personally think it looks good short. I'm sure it'd look great longer too tho!

  10. She's adorable, my buddy Charlie is in the same situation. Sending love dude :)

  11. Not yet, I'm trying my best to stay strong. Hopefully this month will be the catalyst that breaks my addiction.

  12. There are plenty of other groups and minorities that have multiple months overlapping with eachother. It's only an issue if you make it an issue by being homophobic/transphobic.

  13. Looks good broski, good casual fit but never hurts to accessorize a little. Remember assymetry is good for bracelets and such. Experimenting with layering is great too! Edit: I see the necklace and hair tie now, nice touch!

  14. So? I mean as long as nobody is hurting anybody physically or mentally and she is down with it I dont see the problem.

  15. So are u cool with incest and ephebophilia? This kind of thing CAN leave mental scars and is abusive behavior.

  16. I'm done replying to this thread, you're obviously not gonna budge on your disgusting views.

  17. This is so cool, I really hope we get to see more of the gaang as adults in the future.

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