1. I like the idea of that last part, but I'm afraid I'm trying to be a writer. I'd love a long last name that isn't popular but rolls off the tongue.

  2. just English. I live in America, those are just the nationalities that showed up on my DNA test

  3. Always break it up. Start with your first lines then put a few lines of action in. As always show don’t tell. When I read a script that is either giant chunks of dialogue or giant chunks of action, especially on the first page, I stop reading. As do most people I know who read scripts—

  4. lack of support and emotional expression is definitely part of it, but I think that a traumatized man is much more dangerous than a traumatized woman because of testosterone and whatever other hormones.

  5. That’s most likely a side effect. I’ve had crazy side effects from my meds. Like I’m taking Buspirine RN and it feels like shockwaves are shooting down my body. If it’s a symptom that’s really weird and hard to understand it’s most certainly a side effect.

  6. I think a lot of that smartness is experience and knowledge of the industry, not genetic brainpower that you can't reach.

  7. rip. same thing just happened again, but at a fucking psych ward while I was sleeping. grabbed my dick and everything. Once again though, no proof. It's a shame how hard it is to illuminate the truth of a sexual assault.

  8. I hope you still reported it. If enough people speak out, it's hard to brush it away at that point.

  9. In order to sue you have to have injury/damages (in this case your low back injury and any accompanying costs from it like medical bills, time off work, etc).

  10. However many you want. This is your first screenplay. The important thing is to finish it. Worry about tightening the script up on future drafts where you’ll realize how little of those eight pages of hallway dialogue you’ll actually need to advance the story. Good luck!

  11. Okay. Thanks! And another quick question, I'm an idea guy. Maybe that's just part of being a writer, I don't know, but I am. The first screenplay I tried writing, I only got 4 pages in. Got a crazy idea and got 15 pages in, then decided certain scenes that story mandates would be too complex for a newbie like me to write, then I got another crazy idea a couple days ago and now I'm 25 pages in. Guess what? I've got another fuckin' crazy idea. Should I just write it down, and do it after I finish this one? I don't want to be an incompletionist, but I don't want to throw away good idea.s

  12. Write the idea down and continue working on this one. You’re gonna come up with a lot of good ideas. That’s the easy part. Executing your idea well over the course of 100 pages is the hard part, and the only way to get better at it is to finish your scripts

  13. 3 pages a day for a sitcom, 5 for a feature are good starting points. In a week & a half you’ll have a 1st draft of a pilot; In 3 feature. Once it’s done you can then focus on punch up.

  14. and when you say it's VERY HARD. to get a high budget film produced, what would you say is the main reason for that? Is it hard to make that quality of script, or is it because you don't know the right people?

  15. Because he swung on his mans 😭😭😭😭 Duh Wtf ,in terms of his actual Opps nun of them niggas was gonna get up with him , lil tim got lucky nd prolly wasn’t even tryna really kill Von but just get him off quando von ass just end up not making it

  16. So he couldn’t possibly been shooting him just to get him off of Quando ? Is that impossible? If we are gang members nd I accidentally shoot you does that mean no matter what it was on purpose even tho it was an accident because were gang bangers ? That’s what your saying ? How would we know if he was shooting Von to kill him nd not just back him off , shit dont matter cause he dead asl but im just saying. Y’all on this app take shit people say way to serious

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