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  1. It's not 2 inches in the mitsubishi installation manual for their split AC units. He's just confidently incorrect and apparently it worked on you.

  2. Doors aside, there is very little difference in the area surrounding the unit here. No issues so far.

  3. You're supposed to have at least 2 feet of free space on each side of those air conditioner units. Few people ever actually do 2 full feet on all sides, but it's what the manual requires for a proper installation.

  4. Well they need to stop demonstrating NPC behavior for me to not believe it lol

  5. Only NPCs relate real life to videogames and think of other people as NPCs. You see a tiny fractional view of someone else's life, and you make a decision based on that alone.

  6. You know what else is incapable of self-reflection? An NPC.

  7. Yes, and that difference only matters if you think there is is one very specific level of spatial compression but not another, larger, amount of spatial compression. Absent a WOB I'm not sure why an x300 difference is more or less likely.

  8. Interesting example of projection, to assume I'd feel that way about you. I simply hope you get better.

  9. Catholicism despite saying they are rooted in christianity, are entwined deeply in pagan religions.

  10. Christianity is just Zoroastrianism with an Israeli reskin anyway. Why not add some more paganism to it?

  11. I've often joked about it as "nobleborn woman travels to foreign land thinking she knows what's up, realizes she's in way over her head, and needs to wise up FAST". Under that definition you lose Steris but gain Khrissalla, Vivenna, and Rsyn. Adding to the repeated trope space, 4 of them arrive by ship; only Warbreaker has them arriving by land.

  12. Quick, someone draw wax in a dress.

  13. Oh Steris! I can't possibly attend the ball without a new dress!

  14. In Australia chiropractors are understood to work on the spine only. When I first heard about the US style, claiming to treat all sorts of things, I was shocked.

  15. The "US" style is simply what Chiropractic medicine in.

  16. Guns? The metal wands that throw little metal bits at people?

  17. If the last person to stab the Lord Ruler was a prince then it wouldn’t make sense to count Vin since she was the last to stab him?

  18. There weren't any princes in The Final Empire at all. It's just made up.

  19. I think the best thing is that both interpretations are perfectly valid and make sense with different levels of knowledge.

  20. The idea that they should be doing that without parental consent is weird to me... Dont say gay is a very disingenuous description, and it's no accident Desantis won by 20 points in Florida of all places.

  21. DeSantis hates free speech, and his election reflects poorly on Florida. He's 1984 incarnate.

  22. Eccelasiates 9:7 Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine(A) with a joyful heart,(B) for God has already approved what you do.

  23. I like that, that's nice. I'm afraid about the context, but I'm not gonna burst my own bubble by looking it up.

  24. It's not about fear of betrayal. It's to give them an actually peaceful retirement. So they can't be forced out of retirement for "one last job", except under truly extreme circumstances.

  25. He was already a Blade Eater for all practical purposes for the entirety of XC2

  26. ... huh. I guess I never thought of that because we don't learn about Blade eaters until later, but damn.

  27. Don't forget that if you stay he's expecting 100+ hours per week from you. If you're a manager he expects you'll keep everyone unrealistically productive and will fire you if you don't.

  28. Twist: they were all orphaned by the same parents, who kept faking their deaths to inspire a new generation of heroes.

  29. I’m so excited for this… in 2 years when they upload it to YouTube. I wish I could afford dropout.

  30. It's about 5 dollars for a month. You can probably binge everything you want for less than the cost of a lunch, and then cancel your subscription.

  31. Character deaths can raise the stakes, but sometimes the new characters just don't click as well as the old ones. Even when they're fun, the new dynamic might not be as good as the original dynamic.

  32. I want it to happen just at least once, I haven’t actually felt stakes in the combat in a long time because it never feels like the PCs are actually in any danger.

  33. Almost all of those MCU characters in the spoiler showed up at least once after their "death", most being fully alive but with some minor changes. With one exception that was only an illusion of a parallel universe version of the character, and one that only showed up due to time travel.

  34. Nah, the game had an overly simplistic and basically incorrect view of what lying looks like. Actually knowing how to spot lying doesn't help for shit in that game.

  35. No one is actually good at detecting lying in real life. The people who think of themselves as human lie detectors tend to be worse than average.

  36. The world would probably be better off if everyone stuck with animism, instead of turning the divine into a mirror of human life to justify the human social order being a certain way.

  37. Animism also reflected the human social order of it's time. All humans were reliant upon nature and fearful of it's dangers, so we invented spirits animating all things. By attempting to appease those spirits, we could gain an illusion of control over our lives.

  38. Aren't there hints Hoid is using his Yolish Lightweaving to make himself look more Rosharan? I don't remember anybody commenting on his height, for example, even though he probably is pretty short for a Rosharan.

  39. Hoid does tell Kaladin that he has light-colored eyes for a different reason than the Lighteyes, when discussing how eye color isn't the most arbitrary basis for a class system that he's seen in his travels. He also says something about how it's just a fortunate stroke of luck that he can pass as a Lighteyes on Roshar.

  40. Nah, if you read the books you realise light eyes don’t have our normal eye colours: they have dazzlingly bright eyes

  41. Hoid can pass as a Lighteyes with his natural, non-radiant-derived eye color, so they can't be that much brighter than our eye colors.

  42. I don't mind that you have a best to worse ranking, but I find the concept of best to worst so awful. It yucks people's yums, it's reductive and almost seems designed to provoke arguments. I find it far better to discuss most to least favourite for this sort of thing.

  43. A well armed community is a polite community.

  44. The fuck are you talking about? Gangs are heavily armed and are notoriously impolite to everyone. Meanwhile, the British are known worldwide for being polite and have very strict gun control.

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