1. That seems about right for Halo Reach elites on legendary.

  2. The stock weapons ate meant to be the best overall in the game, whilst the unlockables are meant to be situationally better.

  3. Warhammer. That way you won't have money for anything else.

  4. For context I was challenging myself trying to make the most busted SL125 build I could think of that doesn't use glitches, bugs or exploits.

  5. All the pvp haters in this post is insane when OP is the dark spirit. If OP is going to invade don’t sit around after you enter the world…move a little don’t be an NPC

  6. If you look at the video, I started moving backwards as soon as the game let me.

  7. That would be Homing (Crystal) Soulmass. There is a bug that was in the original game and not fixed in the Remaster, where casting Soulmass or Pursuers before a phantom/invader spawns will make the spell effects invisible to them. So he actually had 5 homing projectiles waiting above him, you just couldn't see them.

  8. Thanks for clarifying this, because it kinda looked like a glitch/cheat which caused his weapon attack to hit me multiple times at first glance. Good to know it was just a bug.

  9. I painted my Overlord's resurrection orb to look like a PokeBall.

  10. JoJo fans when they realize that Pucci is asexual and that's half the reason why Dio valued him.

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