1. It's a joke. You basically made very skilled plays and so by saying "worst piper player" its implying that every piper player is really good. But it's basically just a compliment

  2. Currently playing skyrim rn and still feel it's magic, but this really applies to me with fallout 4. I have 500+ hours on it and just gets boring the more I play it now. I've basically 100% the game with all achievements. But the first few times I listened to the old songs on Diamond City radio while fighting super mutants, unforgettable

  3. Btw this is only 5 months of playing, getting dasli and dark iz early is great plus skipping coct2

  4. If you're using even a single fest uber it doesn't become a big accomplishment/flex anymore. I'm not gatekeeping cos I also rushed to UL very fast with darktanyan, but it's not impressive due to how overpowered he is

  5. How does one even get damage this high? I've seen this a few times in videos and posts but haven't ever seen how to do it

  6. Enchant + Potion loop. Honestly I don't recommend it, makes the game boring tbh

  7. That's not required to get small numbers like that. That's not even an impressive number in vanilla special edition.

  8. For a bow? Hmm seemed quite high to me, but I'm still somewhat new so yeah idk

  9. If someone said these stuff to me I'd screenshot this and make fun of them for the rest of their days

  10. Man I was legit sad about that one. Force was probably my favorite.

  11. For some reason force hits me the hardest. I love fade(d) and spectre, but force just is different for me

  12. Well, there is a LOT of great units, but I personally find Amateresu as my favourite

  13. Read the Stephen King short story, “The Jaunt.” It’s in his collection of short stories book, “Skeleton Crew.”

  14. Darkness Among Us and a Binding of Kin were worse. Original Legion is the worst killer they've ever made and Twins were broken with bugs.

  15. Nita used to be able to put down more than 1 bear at a time. It was nerfed pretty quickly cos it was too op

  16. Also if u fight any bleed-immune champs (e.g. robots) who are armor break immune, don't use magneto

  17. That would be the least of concerns. Judging by the tweet he might have things worse

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