1. My grandparents are literally financially unable to do something like that, and maybe also religiously unable.

  2. Either that or I'm missing something about the genotypes or understanding how blood types are passed down, because a friend from university has this exact same situation, and idk how to feel about that.

  3. What does the boxplot graph in the background has to do with anything about this?

  4. Anything that gets me one step closer to playing tears of the kingdom is enough to make jump from my seat

  5. This reminded me that I also used to do it in an unorthodox way, although I don't remember how it was, but also about how many rooms can be cleared in weird ways. Some almost look like you purposely finding the most difficult way to clear a room.

  6. I think you're supposed to type with the dpad when this comes up

  7. Bro please, I have a presentation tomorrow I've been preparing for like 3 weeks, don't jinx me.

  8. I mean, they aren't strictly wrong, increasing 0% by 200% is still 0%

  9. Could Badeline be considered Madeline's depressona?

  10. The support page says reset and intializing separately, but seems like both are a way to restore it to factory settings or deleting everything it has.

  11. The kings wife is a perpetually horny tree with a breeding kink

  12. I haven't gotten into the lore in a long while, how do we know the current form of the white lady isn't something she turned into, and not that she's always like that.

  13. I remember I liked this one so much just because of the remix, so I replayed it a bunch of times, so by the time I went for the golden it wasn't as hard as most of the others.

  14. First console I ever had was the Wii, and I was stuck for years with only Wii sports, since I loved far from a place where I could buy any games, until my parents bought Mario Galaxy 2 (I wanted the 1st one but my older brother had more influence) and it was pretty much the first game I had played that felt like a cohesive and meaningful adventure, before that we could just play flash games and GameCube games without a memory card, so we just had to play the game from the beginning everytime we turned on the console.

  15. Either evangelion themed (just the robots) or something about nature, mushrooms are kinda meat.

  16. Not a hard person to please, a root beer or a coke is sufficient to quench my thirst.

  17. Not a hard person to please, a root beer or a coke is sufficient to quench my thirst

  18. Always fully featured and with a great tactile feeling to the keys

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