1. Your statement about fueled power stations is incorrect. Some use steam some don't:

  2. What’re the deciding factors in whether, for a given fuel, its combustion gases will directly power a turbine, or indirectly via a boiler/steam?

  3. Great question. And I'm glad you asked. Because I wasn't out to write a scientific paper on the subject. I was keeping simple...for the other dullards like me.

  4. Coal, oil, wind, tide, PV, other solar... all to some extent rely on the conversion and storage of sunlight, itself a giant fusion reactor putting out a crap-ton of heat.

  5. Who needs Psilocybin mushrooms when you’re this high on life!

  6. Public Health England literally publishes an annual review that has so far concluded the short to medium term risks are far lower than smoking, and that it's the most successful method for quitting.

  7. Yeah they also considering banning pokies while the damage still continues. They are also considering drug reform while the damage continues. We have a very big bunch of contemplative politicians that do nothing in the real governance space. But lets see when the legislation passes through parliament. They can ban codeine from being freely available in less than 1 hours work for ordinary people but they always need to take 5 years to act on the real harmful products and services in our community like gambling. Its easy bashing voters around like we are inmates but tread slowly as possible when it comes to the corporate harm peddlers.

  8. It’s not just the smokers and gamblers that have an addiction problem. Governments have a hard time quitting too.

  9. Thermal conductor? Electrical conductor? Conductor of the Boston Pops? Enquiring minds want to know!

  10. All conductors are thermal conductors. Some of them conduct other things as well.

  11. Asians were super racist where I grew up, except the nerdy ones and some of the girls. Even the half white ones hated white people.

  12. You should have heard what a Chinese person I knew had to say about the Japanese. Racism doesn't discriminate when it comes to choosing who is afflicted by it. White people just seem to have been good at capitalising on it.

  13. I have co-morbid asd/adhd and like everyone, exhibit a small amount of narcissism. Of the self-interest garden variety.

  14. If the owner gets a parking ticket is it company policy that the employees cover this too?

  15. I'm surprised they didn't ask for it in the form of gift cards

  16. Empty that dump truck load of pennies on the pavement outside the restaurant and stand there while they count them.

  17. You should travel to the UK where this is similarly a culinary institution.

  18. Lived there last year for a year. I will never forget Co-Op meal deals! Tuna & sweetcorn with a scotch egg saved my hungry ass, many times!

  19. Ah, memories of university days. Somehow it worked out cheaper than buying the ingredients.

  20. Got busy renovating the house that they could have called theirs, if only they could have seen that it was something offered to be shared, not something to be envious over, because it wasn’t theirs.

  21. And some relationships are made of glass strong and thick enough to hold back an ocean.

  22. Thank you. House music was literally created by queer black people. Conservatives can fuck right out of this scene

  23. This. Don’t like the politics and culture that’s intrinsic to the music you enjoy? Door’s right there, pal. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.

  24. Sounds like my boss. Complaining about student loan forgiveness being irresponsible, but having $500k in PPP loans forgiven despite us never closing down for a day or having less than normal billable hours (we just switched to working from home for a while). He bought a six-figure car not long after this, of course.

  25. Oh but that's different. He deserved it. You don't. Obviously.

  26. This fucker didn’t have any credibility left to shred.

  27. And yet there will be still be some who’ll look up to him as a high watermark of self aggrandisement to which they can only aspire

  28. Where do you see yourself in 5 years. I've never had a 5 year plan go the way I wanted it to. Life happens. 5 years ago, I was 2 years into a 5 year plan, married, working up to management, now I'm divorced, living with another man, in another town, contemplating going back to school.

  29. ‘Do you think selling single units of pens, face to face is a viable business plan?’

  30. They’re just hopelessly out of touch. How else can you explain them putting Dutton in as leader? Anyone with any idea would have appointed a woman; any woman would have done but instead they double down by going even further to the Right.

  31. They didn’t have anyone with any integrity left who’d want or get the job, man or woman?

  32. You do anyway, check the charges on your water bill.

  33. Is the contract transferable? Seems like the guy running FTX right now is competent, they could probably offload the rights.

  34. You’d have to read the contract. That said, if all parties to it are ok with the transfer, the lawyers can probably find a way. I wouldn’t care to guess who they all are though and what their interests are.

  35. "Please see a member of MGMT." I think Electric Feel was their best song.

  36. Approaching management to discuss this policy whilst punched in will result in instant dismissal.

  37. This mad lad just discovered Defensive Driving

  38. Rediscovered? Its easy to become complacent and lose situational awareness, especially when religiously observing the plethora of signage telling you what to do.

  39. I’m a fireman, I’ve driven that truck many times. The truck is at fault. Even with normal traffic that siren is a request for the right of way. You don’t spear head your way through. It was his job to check the intersection. We don’t even have trams here and I knew it couldn’t just stop.

  40. A habit I've made a point of getting into whilst driving recently: have a good look around to see what's moving on entering every junction, whether it's a green light, unlit, whatever.

  41. Hey hey hey don't feel bad. My VCA theatre degree isn't even worth the paper it's written on.

  42. To make this worse - before resale they have “dynamic pricing” that’s based on “demand”. For instance the cheapest Kendrick Lamar tickets I got for an Ohio show were $80, but the cheapest for those in Florida was maybe $120 or more.

  43. There’s a simple way to level the playing field when demand exceeds supply: random ballot.

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