1. I mean I woulda bailed the second the teenage girl I was trying to rob turned into some sort of bulletproof rose petal showering robe wielding a giant scythe pulled out from....shrugs

  2. Evil henchmen have a really short lifespan. That's why they are cheap anyway.

  3. none of these pics are mirrored by mistake?

  4. Oh again. What the "Useless" Aqua provides to the MC: IMMORTALITY (in practice) by repeated resurrection whenever killed, allowing him to use this as strategy in battle

  5. Actually, cars generate legit fear.

  6. Anyway, in spanish/portuguese it sounds really bad haha

  7. And despite of that, she didn't get renamed in the official Spanish translation. Mind you, the slightly better Laputa from the Ghibli classic did get a name change when reaching Spain (true, that was an island, but still…)

  8. Even Mikasa also did. But that's because MiA is nit mainstream. If it was, certainly Faputa would become "Fajuca" or something like this lol

  9. The "Eren and Mikasa opening the book in the basement's table" panel.

  10. The number of (alive) characters in OP could repopulate Japan. Maybe that's the plan.

  11. Funny how they are cute anime girls, impersonating in-their-reality fictional suposed to be even cuter CGI girls.

  12. Aaand the ones who actually get their asses kicked or worse, the ones who vomit and sleep over it, and also the ones who drive and crash killing people.

  13. This is the arc, that will happen in the second half of season 3. Its starting literally in the next episode. Its called Culture Festival arc.

  14. Oh, the best of LiW is still coming? so we are going to have 2 > 9.00 rated anime series this season.

  15. Btw, we need more shows about wholesome fatherhood too.

  16. The same show and the polar opposite mothers of anime.

  17. 25 y/o mates earn enough to even get taxed?

  18. Damn, even the worst anime still have some nice scene able to trigger HYPE and lure fool people like me to watch it.

  19. The more i read what was cut from the WN, sometimes the LN, the more i think the Editors from the animation (or LN) did a good work over some Tappei flaws.

  20. Uncanny creature to find in a forest.

  21. In Arcs case it does make kinda sense because he isn't really a Skeleton. It's just a skin

  22. His neck and arms say otherwise tho.

  23. Oh, rape in anime, it is so unusual. Not like some most popular isekai series in western not only had rape attempt, but one villain like this for every season (also mass murdering).

  24. Was this dialogue said in that scene? This meme is old but i guess it was really said on some show.

  25. Forget the waifu war, we have the Daughter of the year.

  26. That's why i prefer to be busy reading manga when i should be working.

  27. That's what made it more real. As what would happen to people separated for a period of time.

  28. RL: dense japanese guys die alone.

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