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  1. I thought the second one was Condit, apparently I was way off

  2. Seems weird, how is this better than Colby who he absolutely refuses to fight?

  3. Moot point. If Usman beats Leon and gets the belt back, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Usman was at the highest level achievable before running into Leon

  4. So was Anderson pre Weidman or Tyron pre Usman, this is why I said "I think in the future it will be seen as Usman's decline". We will see in Usman's next couple fights, set a reminder, I'll admit I was wrong if he looks great against his next couple opponents, heck, it's not like I'm even 90% certain, it just seems to me that he's losing a step.

  5. Two paragraphs of dumb ass shit just hot garbage. LMAO.

  6. There weird thing is, there clearly seemed to be something going on behind the scenes after the Masvidal incident.

  7. He’d get a title shot if people could remember his name. He’s just not marketable

  8. People talk shit about Colby getting a shot but think a close decision over Burns and missing weight somehow earns Khamzat a title shot.

  9. Everyone declines at some point, this was probably that point for Usman. He didn't look amazing in the second Colby fight and now lost 2 in a row. He is still up there for WW GOAT and probably would have beat Khabib.

  10. Under 20% down it needs to go through CMHC, so good luck to them.

  11. Didn’t Leon do something similar? They wanted him to fight after the Diaz fight but he didn’t and got a shot. Either this fight or Conor are probably his 2 biggest pay days

  12. Has the backup fighter ever had to actually fight? I doubt it's his plan to get a title shot.

  13. if you talk out loud to yourself, people will free up the seats on the ttc.

  14. This could backfire. I’m a big guy, so usually nobody sits beside me unless seats are mostly full, because my shoulders go into the seats beside me. You know who doesn’t mind? The fuckin weirdos

  15. I can’t be the only one tired of this bitchass bot. I didn’t even say anything close to could’ve you fuckin beyotch

  16. OP asks opinions and then proceeds to argue with anyone who says Aldo would win. Just make a thread stating “Merab would have beat Aldo in his prime”. What’s the point of starting a discussion you already have a conclusion for?

  17. I was saying this to some friends, I don't think Francis fully thought it through. If I was Dana and they were trying to hype a Francis vs Fury fight, I'd be talking all kinds of shit about how Gane made Francis wrestle for the first time in his career. Now that Jones came back and easily beat Gane, it makes this fight even harder to sell. I mean, look at the reaction to his post calling himself the real heavyweight king, people were shitting all over him.

  18. She has in all likelihood lost a step, not enough to be noticeable when watching, but I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the fight before this one was the closest during her reign and she lost this one. You never know when a fighter’s prime has ended until after it has happened.

  19. Silva had a late career decline, notable ped pops, and several really lacklustre defences.

  20. Anderson got popped AFTER he broke his leg, it makes a difference in my opinion, but I get others don’t care.

  21. Francis’ stock just plummeted. Jones finishing Gane in 2 minutes makes Francis’ only title defence look weak. Dana must be happy, because Jones has become the undisputed GOAT and heavyweight champ, people will start to forget Francis.

  22. How did his stock plummit? xD he beat the same guy he just needed more time but was fighting without having ligaments in his knee. And if jones doesnt KO stipe in the begining of 2nd will Jones stock plummit lmao. Pavlovich fight will be the deciding factor imo. If sergei beats jones then ngannou would destroy him.

  23. I don’t make the rules. Look at the comments everyone has wherever that tweet gets posted. People are all looking at Jones as the better fighter

  24. Makes sense, definitely more emotion than common sense in most posts. A lot bears are hoping prices drop because they are renting. Most bulls own and hope prices continue to increase.

  25. Ok, so this seems to be one of these “I’m a badass I’ll beat any trained fighter” type scenarios rather than a sparring session, like the guy Curtis was sparring with. Wonder what the story is.

  26. I can’t get ChatGPT to do anything interesting. How did you manage this?

  27. Congrats, the hard wins always are the ones that feel better

  28. Thanks, I was actually nervous. Lol felt like a need for getting nervous over this game

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