1. On the other side of the store in the back right corner is my

  2. Where is this? I might be visiting Cleveland this summer and this looks like a cool store

  3. Sir Troy’s Toy Kingdom in Canton, Ohio. There is also one in Medina, OH but it is not as big.

  4. It’s the most relaxing thing for me at age 46. Got diagnosed with adhd last year and got sober, legos are the one thing that calm my mind. It’s a expensive hobby for sure, be careful!! Welcome to fun!

  5. Cheers! Glad you’re enjoying as well.

  6. Thanks! How was that infinity gauntlet build? It’s on my girlfriends list!

  7. Was fun! Lots of different small pieces that are detailed. Was tougher than Thor’s Hammer.

  8. Because now we have AWD and Turbo :)

  9. ESPN just posted this on IG in better quality lol

  10. GT is notorious for having transmission issues unfortunately. That’s why I encourage people to get the GT line. The v6 isn’t worth it, and if u really want to drive fast just go for the Stinger.

  11. Yeah…. Well done encouraging people and advising people when you don’t even know what you’re talking about. There is no K5 with V6. And the v6 stinger is $10k+ more than K5 GT.

  12. My Kia App also has my car’s GPS position. Try that if you have it.

  13. Since when is any S car a sleeper? Lol


  15. I’m also in Ohio and drove my FWD GT all winter. No issues at all on Continental Vikingcontact 7 tires. I’ve had AWD cars and the extra traction is nice but it’s definitely not a must for me.

  16. Good to know. From a fellow Ohioan.

  17. I just got my K5 GT. I am coming from an Audi A4 with Quattro AWD. I am a bit nervous for winter to be honest. But, also living in Ohio, I have had many FWD winters in the past so I am experienced. I plan on getting winter tires.

  18. Congrats! I have a ‘22 GT1 in the same color!

  19. Some GTs don’t have GT1 package.

  20. I would suggest getting Klutch pods. Seem to be the best quality.

  21. If you want a decent sized sedan choose the K5. If you want a muscle car, assuming the Mustang is a V8, choose the Mustang. Not a very hard choice actually, if you know what type of car you’re looking for.

  22. Don’t like either on that car. Being honest.

  23. I’m still waiting to see another GT in the wild. All I see are GT lines

  24. When I was waiting in the rain one day , I came in and said the same thing. They replied with " the state won't let us because it would look too recreational."

  25. Look too recreational? That’s insane lol.

  26. The salesperson at the dealership said it doesn’t have AWD so it doesn’t compete with the Stinger.

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