1. I've got several through ebay. If I new how I would send pics.

  2. Women comedians are never funny to me. They are just crass.

  3. Dolphins started the the season undefeated last 20 years!

  4. Back in 82, I used to throw a pigskin a quarter mile

  5. How much you wanna bet I can throw this football over them mountains.

  6. No. No thanks. No thank you. Have a No day. I'll see you No later.

  7. I was at his last his last game. Highlight of my life. Beat the fucking Jets.

  8. Every time I go and post pictures, I always use Joe Robbie as the location. I love that it's still an option in most socials.

  9. Joe Robbie stadium land used to be a motocross heavin.

  10. I found one of my girls better looking younger sisters. (200,000) on my 99.

  11. FD rx7, 2nd gen viper GTS, Ferrari f355 are all styling perfection to me. No bad angles.

  12. Your grandma has a nice Miata. Your suv should be ok.

  13. If anyone knows how to scheme the Niners, its McDaniel. We're 8-3. Just enjoy it and see what happens.

  14. The "trainer" seemed out of line. Martial arts is about control. The guy never really did anything to provoke a fight.

  15. This is gonna be an unpopular opinion being reddit, but yeah this is definitely out of line. Loads of people come in to martial arts classes thinking they know it all, generally trainers don't resort to a sucker punch when they lean in too close and proceed to push them to the ground and smack them in the head multiple times.

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