1. we just gonna ignore 80's WWF merchandise boom I guess.

  2. I like how this match got made because Kaiser rolled up just to insult Cody, Cody got mad and said fight me.

  3. No lies detected and when you go further down the tier list of Joshi groups, the more side-eye it gets..

  4. They re-up with aew because they are not a fit for WWE at all

  5. He looks like he bathes in Drakkar Noir now..

  6. Subaru's new wrestling move performed by Great O Khan

  7. For decades over decades, wresting promoters have previewed big deals coming into the "territory."

  8. Dom gonna do something so disrespectful at the Hall of Fame ceremony...

  9. I can see him leaving and getting a big payday from aew to round out the retirement package.

  10. Lesnar not losing and Gunther is still rolling. No need

  11. Umino just getting started, as he moves on he will get into his own character. It is deliberate they are making him out to look like tanahashi right now

  12. saying TWAT in America is considered a couple of notches below C-word to describe a woman. UK its fine.

  13. Chris Jericho: "......I see you Jeff Jarrett.. I see you"

  14. I mean.. if he is with Maxxine and not working out... I can't blame him.

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