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  1. Who is that grey thing at the bottom of F tier?

  2. It's some dead cat that appears in Electricity when the Robot Dog is shown, it's right next to it on the floor.

  3. I went on her blog before she deleted it and tbh I couldn't find any solid proof she had it other then her just claiming it was on her phone.

  4. There’s a difference between getting annoyed and straight up threatening to

  5. Great job! I recommend you message/tag Becky and Joe on social media so they could be aware someone found it and you can get the prize that Becky mentioned.

  6. copy pasting the comment I wrote last time this was posted lol -

  7. May I ask what did they say when someone asked about a Season 2? If someone asked about it at all that is.

  8. The post says the spoiler rule lifts on October 6th and I never said you couldn’t make memes? If you’re gonna make memes for the TV show you just have to spoiler tag it.

  9. For the time being the TV show episodes are on YouTube yes, but they’re getting slowly taken down because it’s copyright infringement.

  10. 3. Piracy • Don't link to pirated sites and torrents or Google Drives or YouTube videos of full episodes not posted by the creators. • Don't post leaked Pilot footage on here (real/fake), as it's technically pirated content, discussing the Pilot here is fine.

  11. It's not delayed, Channel 4 just posted about it coming tomorrow

  12. A magazine? As far as I know, that image is from a site that seems to have a published an

  13. That 2nd picture is not from the Pilot, it’s from the TV show.

  14. Your post has been removed for the following reason: Rule 7 (Fake leaks/hoaxes)

  15. That's the time it's airing on actual TV on the 30th (Channel 4), there's no confirmed time for when it's dropping on All 4 (23rd).

  16. I’m removing this as this is breaking Rule 4 (No NSFW). Do not post this type of stuff again on this subreddit please even if it’s a joke or not, this post got a lot of reports from other users.

  17. If you're gonna post fake leaks, at least put some effort into it. Removing this because we've had enough misinformation as it is on this sub.

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