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  1. It was the hose thing that made you cry wasn’t it? Be honest.

  2. I don’t want to give away the ending but I’m sure the moment you cried was the same one we all did. When Arthur speaks to his horse for the last time. That got me.

  3. I’ve hit that green before and missed it plenty as well. Love that course played on it my entire time while I was there.

  4. Scottsdale, AZ, stay at JW Marriott, either Desert Ridge or Scottsdale. Golfers play a few rounds at the hotel courses, while the other boys get their drink on at the pool.

  5. Bonus if you go during the Waste Management. Might have been the best bachelor party ever but I might be biased I planed it for my brother.

  6. This year it’s going to be a little tough since WM and Super Bowl are the same weekend in Phoenix. Unless you want to pay $400+ a round, better just to go drink at WM Open.

  7. Well if you don’t mind driving we found tee times a little outside the city at awesome courses. It was about 45 min to get there. But yea agreed not a great year for it, because the Super Bowl is there but you’re still paying 200+ on any other year.

  8. Waaaaheeeey up she rises! Waaaaayyyyy up she rises earli in the mornin’!

  9. Seeing a Scar Vet riding a Carnosaur fighting a Norscan mammoth in a video literally sold me on this game.

  10. How about they just introduce a setting in campaign creation? You know, WH2 style, WH3 Minor Settlements, always Land Battle.

  11. Actually hate to say it but this is the only way. Those that are asking for the battles to made “better” are jaded and unrealistic at this point. The devs tried hard to make these things work but sadly for the nature of the game these battles just aren’t fun. Sure fix the path finding, tower defenses, bugs, etc. How many cycles would that take away from creating content that could make money? Far too many. Live in the real world if they spend time working on something the majority of the community doesn’t play you need to chalk that up to a sunk cost and move on. The main problem with these battles can’t be fixed is that you can’t use half your armies units because they become utterly useless. Besides the maps are giant, so if you get stuck just play Ms. PAC man and go around. Some people like it and good for them, but don’t force others to play y’all’s game. More options = better experience for everyone. Like sieges are fine if they were only on capitals. There should be 2 option minor settlements on or completely off. Then move on with our day.

  12. Mortars didn’t do enough. Gotta get them firing more.

  13. Did the update effect offline play as well or just MP?

  14. It’s probably because turkeys are the smartest birds, and the angriest.

  15. Because I'd like to hit driver more than once in a round

  16. Thank you, honestly people don’t realize that enough. I’m not a great golfer I know this but playing 1 (sometimes even 2) tees up for me is a huge disadvantage because I am much more confident with a driver/3 wood in hand. For example take a par 5 with a hard dog leg left, trees on the left but you can get over them to the fairway, the fairway straight away from the black tee box is 260. From blue it’s 235. Any further than that yardage You are supposed to hit driver over the trees left to get in position for the next shot. See this hole sets up perfectly for a draw with my driver from the black box, but if I play from the blue. My driver if hit even a fraction poorly goes through the fairway OB. My 3 wood isn’t high enough, hybrid would be fine but again low chance of getting it over trees left but the problem is next shot would be 250 out. Anyway, there are a lot of advantages to playing back (if you are confident in driving a golf ball) that help speed up the game. There’s always a higher chance for me to end up in the fairway, par three’s are harder to miss long (which when playing courses in neighborhoods is usually OB), and finally you actually get practice with that $500 stick in your bag to determine how you actually hit it on the course.

  17. I'm playing by the rules. If you want an empty course, drop the dough on a country club or get the first tee time. I'm guessing you get annoyed with guys that look at their putts from different angles or take the time to walk to the green on a 30 yard pitch shot to see what they are working with. Unlike you, I like to work at getting better and trying my hardest. If you want to take one practice swing and go, go to top golf or a pitch n putt.

  18. My God dude that’s a level of anger that needs to be taken out on a Bogey Bag. I take enough time with my game, I don’t take too much. You ain’t on the PGA neither am I. I live by the rules of a 4 hour round, sure. My post was just explaining that if you take the driver out of my hands it’s going to be a tough round for me. To each his own man, but I’m saying if you can and regularly do play from the tips don’t pressured into playing someone else’s game.

  19. A man of culture I see. Loved burnout I miss those games so much. Loved the big crash mode cant remember what it was called but I just called it smash mode.

  20. any of the proper chariot units (not counting pimp wagons or doomflayers). TK models especially. just not enough mass to pull through anything and have a hard time trading effectively without insane levels of micro.

  21. I’m assuming “pimp” wagons was on purpose and if so I completely approve.

  22. Really hope you didn’t have anything important planned this year.

  23. I am from Mississippi and never had horse pussy, this is the type of shit that made me leave though.

  24. Monster Hunter Freedom facing the Tigrex for the first time.

  25. Or after grinding for hours to get good gear, then that first couple of battles in Iceborne. That will fuck your shit right up.

  26. I just want em to show up like the Space Marine 2 trailer.

  27. You just made my day now that I know Space Marine 2 is a thing.

  28. I'm surprised a lot of people weren't aware! I was losing my shit during the announcement at E3, or one of those events.

  29. Love tyranids as the main enemy though. If done right they are, in my opinion, the absolute scariest antagonist in that universe.

  30. Kids these days wouldn't be able to handle those pre-game lobbies back in the day lol. Good times.

  31. I mean if it happened after they added a bunch of Dinos (and pterosaurs hopefully but sea creatures I could care less about) then, yes absolutely, different types of dragons, griffens, wyverns, werewolves, and idk whatever else as kinda a sideshow add on. Just make it sort of a separate gameplay aspect. I don’t care as long as it doesn’t take away from the dinosaurs and true dedication to prehistoric animals they have clearly shown. I love that this game is so dedicated to showcasing prehistoric animals as animals not monsters but if adding fantasy animals (and treating them as such) would increase the player base thus gaining the game more popularity and adding funding for the team. I am always going to pull for that. The more people play the game the more profitable it will be, and the team have clearly shown that if given the funding they produce an incredible product. Unless the worst should happen and they sell off the IP, which lets be honest I couldn’t see that happening.

  32. It’s not even canon in Tolkien’s writing they made it up for that stupid scene in the hobbit.

  33. I always found them to be completely useless in wh2, because they lacked mass and would just stop at the charge and die. Never tried them in wh3.

  34. Agree when I used them as a head on charge they never made it through units but send them from the side into units and they worked very well.

  35. Why would you head-on charge with them? Use them to run down ranged units and rear charge melee in hammer-and-anvil strikes.

  36. Idk some people do I guess. I rake them down the back line of melee infantry. I find it’s better to use them against still targets, but mainly just KEEP THEM MOVING.

  37. I went the opposite way. Rented it in college when it came out just because a friends had it and wanted to try it. Didn’t love it then but it was fun, beat the story in 2-3 weeks brought it back to Redbox for like $25 or something. Forgot about it until another friend told me to get it for PC. So I did when it was on sale. But this time I used a bow instead of a gun-lance and now it’s top 10 best games I’ve ever played. Change weapons this time through and you will have more fun.

  38. This thing gives me PTSD when I think of ARK. You’d think you were safe on the beach in a green zone, then, BAM! Murder chicken hit you straight in the nuts. Next thing you knew your Paras gone, your protection raptors are all bodied and your trike is fighting for its life. Not to mention when your dumb ass friend leads the knife wielding emu back to your base and proceeds to stand outside the door waiting on whichever one of you are brave (stupid) enough to test it.

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