1. 100%, Rosen could have been a very acceptable pocket QB, and i am not making these comparisons with their skill in mind but simply their play style, like brady and Rogers. But that falls apart when you dont have an OL and only draft ILB every goram year.

  2. If we stuck with Rosen and built around him, I think he would have been a decent QB. We ruined him. He looked good in pocket and he was accurate. Too bad we had terrible coaches and a terrible line.

  3. The line wasn't complete ass but it was weak as hell, but then we just kinda... kept it and since it was weak as hell 4 years ago it is now just dog ass with a few highlighted moments.

  4. He was thrown into the fire. I was actually watching highlights of a few games with Rosen and our WRs dropped so many passes from Rosen including Fitz. He didn't light it up but he looked like someone who could get better once he adjusted to the NFL a bit more.

  5. Lol gorillas aren't Superman. They could probably get through a dozen but 100 adults would be too much, especially if they were willing to sacrifice themselves.

  6. To humans a Gorilla is Superman. One hit even if it wasn't direct would damage a person. I do believe a 100 humans would eventually take down 1 Gorilla but it would have to be a coordinated effort with people willing to die.

  7. Depends on your goals and workouts. I usually have 3 easy runs a week and 1 speed workout. My easy runs are Standard, Long, and Recovery. My Standard and Long runs are spread far enough that I just use my Novablast 3s. My recovery is usually the day after the long run so I have another pair of cushy daily trainers so I can let the foam in the Novablast "recover". For my speed day, I use the Tri Noosa 13. I only have 3 shoes for a rotation and don't plan on getting a "super shoe" until I have a race to focus on or until I can get some for cheap.

  8. I use the Hoka Rincon 3. Its probably not the optimal recovery shoe but I am a cheap ass lol. I bought these shoes before the Novablast 3 and I really wasn't a fan of the Rincons on my long runs so that's why I bought the NB3s. The Rincon 3s are light, have enough cushion, and work for me when I am running a slow 2-3 miles. Once I run my Rincons down, I think I will pick up the Nike Invincibles to fill that role.

  9. In a cool room, no heating on, just used it for not even 10 minutes while playing with the cats. It got so hot I couldn’t hold it in my hands. Movie quality was pixelated potatoes, just awful. Sending the footage to your smartphone takes forever. Overall it just made me sad. Stuck the plastic protective covers back on and I’m thinking of returning it. I guess its really made to be used outdoors, on the move? Which is cool, I’d use for snorkeling, but that’s like maybe 2 or 3 days in a year.

  10. I am a fairly new GoPro user as well. I have used it pretty heavily for the 3 weeks that I have had it. Not one video has looked pixelated at all. I use my GoPro primarily for the outdoors but I have used it indoors for long periods of time as well with no issues. I would recommend watching some YouTube videos to help with how to use the settings for different scenarios.

  11. I think you start with the o-line before you start adding receivers. If the o-line is bad enough, it doesn’t matter who your receivers are.

  12. Tom Brady hasn't beaten the Cardinals since 2004 though.

  13. Yeah but it’s out of two games.

  14. Yup. We just don't play the Pats that often. Tom Brady's numbers weren't too impressive against us either.

  15. I think if Mahomes has any other coach but the one he was drafted by then hes not the superstar we know him as today. BA is a legend but even he goes for a very specific type of QB and I think he may have tried to limit Mahomes too much in the name of the scheme.

  16. I agree with this. Andy Reid is a real offensive guru.

  17. The Cardinals should be getting crucified right now from every direction. The GM is god awful, Kingsbury has no idea what he's doing, Kyler got a huge deal and looks bad. Very few positives.

  18. They do look horrible this year but we have had alot of injuries especially on the o-line. We basically have gone into every game this year with a new combination of linemen. We do need to fire our GM because most of our draft picks don't make sense. I am not a fan of Kliff but what can you scheme if your oline can't run block or pass protect? Kyler is running for his life everytime he drops back and he has been for a season and a half. DHop's suspension, Hollywood's fractured foot, Ertz out for the season, and Rondale Moore getting injured every other game. We just haven't been anywhere near full strength this year.

  19. Dude Kliff is awful though. Everyone has injuries but Cards are way too talented to be this bad. Bad coaching continues to be a direct result for a few of your losses.

  20. I won't argue that. We probably would have a decent record if we had a real NFL coach.

  21. Back in”the day”, you could go in, they’d run a rip, explain everything to you…if you were still short on cash they’d give you a form for an advance. Have your commander sign it (same day) and take it back over to finance for a small advance..(same day) Now all this DIY online and Airmen worrying about resolving the issues greatly detracts them from the mission..

  22. I miss when it felt like we were really being taken care of. I understand why it's not like that because we have less people and everyone is oversaturated with tasks they have to do. The AF really messed things up when it comes to taking care of it's people. Every new system, program, or process really fails to be faster/better. It usually requires more of your time!

  23. I wonder if I will get to your point after some time. What really got me more into running was the data especially the heart rate monitor/zone 2 training. I haven't had an injury since then and I have improved so much but I can also see how it could drive you crazy over time. Good luck!

  24. So I found a new hack this year. SharePoint search for your functional awards by title. Like the way they want the filenames for the packages. You can find a few previous year's packages, I found some from other bases and other commands. It helps get the creative vibes going.

  25. Yup. Honestly way better than pulling from your shop's or squadron's sharedrive. You can see all the current buzz words or trending topics people like to hear and see. I sent my EPR up this year and my Super was like daaaaaang.

  26. I really can't go back to traditional EVA foam on road, I really can't see why I would do that when I can take my rebel (faster runs) or invincible (longer or slower).

  27. That's a weird comparison. I would hope the RC Elite/Alphafly perform better than the Novablast at a 100-150 dollars more. Novablast doesn't have a carbon plate and is a daily trainer.

  28. Yes but they're more comfortable and stable, which a daily trainer should be, and the novablast isn't.

  29. They are a completely different category of shoes. You use your Alphaflys for your daily mileage? I run daily in my Novablasts and they are more than comfortable and stable. For race day? Ofcourse I am choosing the Alphaflys.

  30. I am not a Pro either but I use my Hero 11 to document many things (kids, dog, my run, vacations, etc) and I wish I would have done it sooner. It's easy to capture the moment and easy to make edits to clips. My wife was skeptical about the purchase but she loves it now.

  31. Not going to lie. I thought he was going to bring something to this offense but it's been bad.

  32. Good job man. I have been struggling to complete this. Everytime I need to do one more super, Cell Max decides to super twice in one turn.

  33. I always forget how dreadful it is every year. My first year in Germany I didn't think it was a big deal but every year it hit me more and more. The worst part is going to work in the dark and driving home in the dark.

  34. It’s great to see how happy Doby is being out in the woods with you!!

  35. They are hunting dogs, so this is his natural environment! Badgers, beware!!

  36. Yup. This is in Germany too. I notice he completely turns into a different dog when I am out in the woods.

  37. I look at it as 99% just aren’t interested. I think everyone could do a marathon if they wanted unless there was a medical / physical reason stopping them.

  38. It's just a mental challenge as physical. Sure, the majority of people could physically run a marathon eventually but the most difficult hurdle is believing you can do it and having the commitment to follow through. There are so many things that can happen during training that could derail you and each set back requires being able to deal with it.

  39. 🤣 I have done this before and I am glad I am not the only one.

  40. 3-4 hours on 3-4 runs a week. Hoping to up this when my life has a little bit more stability because I have been in the process of moving for a few months.

  41. What type of exercises do you do to strengthen your core/glutes?

  42. It hard to hear the middle of the conversation but the words I can hear are translated correctly.

  43. What they said makes sense because they pretty much grew up together through Futbol.

  44. That is crazy low! Thats colder than alot of ice baths. Your body will need to adjust to that so you probably can't sit in it as long as you have always have. Normally tap water is around 10-15C. That temperature is dangerously close to water in pipes freezing and bursting. Does the water you use come from a tank outside or something?

  45. I am still using my Jabra 65t earbuds. A couple of years ago, AFTER I had already had them for a couple of years, one stopped charging. I contacted jabra hoping for troubleshooting tips (they were well out of warranty) and instead they had me return them for an entirely new pair. Can’t say enough good things about Jabra!

  46. Nice! That's awesome they did that. I have Airpods as well and I wish I would have done more research so I would have stumbled on Jabra earlier.

  47. I have been through alot of headphones and my favorite at the moment is the Jabra Elite 7 Active. Fit snug, has ANC/hear through, and an actual button on the ear buds.You can turn them off by simultaneously pressing both ear buds for 1 second. I think for the price and for running, you can't beat it.

  48. Kadena is a paradise everyone has to go to once. One of my best assignments!

  49. Yup. One of those bases people took for granted. Every person I was stationed with there are all trying to get back.

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