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  1. I’d personally never get peoples faces tattooed on me, but if I ever will, I’ll be going to your artist. Amazing work

  2. I think I probably listen to Metallica the most, but the Slayer concerts I’ve been to are amongst my favourite concert experiences of all time. Anthrax and Megadeth are on the same line for me I’d say

  3. Him and Abbath are absolute legends. I also love his taste in Metal, cannot recall how much of my personal taste I owe to this man haha.

  4. For sure. Radio Fenriz is the best. Just watched the until they light takes us documentary. But more serious in tone, but it’s got plenty of Fenriz and Abbath interviews and lots of old pictures if you don’t know it check it out

  5. I think I have seen that a couple of years back. Is that the documentary where he takes the train to some kind of museum? Hell yeah it is, I wish I had time to chexk out every single episode and his new one on Patreon aswell.

  6. That’s the one. That Heyhey it’s Fenriz meme is from there as well

  7. A good artist won’t tattoo you. Blood gets thinned and your skin won’t take the ink as well. So drinking before or right after a tattoo will lead to not having the best result.

  8. very clean symetrical look!

  9. Thanks. My grandma would be impressed with my sawing skills :)

  10. Ich habe ihn schon traditionell beleidigt. Jetzt kommt keine antwort mehr 😂

  11. Traditioneller geht nicht. Nimm mein hochwähl. Damit du überhaupt einen hast

  12. Maul. Ich meine Danke! Was letzte Maul, vor allem die Kommentare ist leider scheinbar völlig unterbewerteter Post ;)

  13. I saw someone post their dragon hand tattoo yesterday, so I wanted to share mine as well! This was in 2020 when the tattoo was fresh, and my skin was very clearly a little angry. Haha. Hope you enjoy!

  14. Oh good. Thought that was a picture of your foot. Didn’t look very healthy :D

  15. Oi if it wasn’t before it will be after I krump da got that thinks they owns it. Just needs more dakka for my taste

  16. In the summer I was on holiday in the North West of England and I saw a green car with a registration plate that read SH00TAH. Made my holiday 😅

  17. He really does look like a ps2 character. Like if a gta pc port had a mod that let you be Fred durst.

  18. It doesn’t even WIENER, which linkin Park confirmed we’re the original lyrics before the label made them change it

  19. Zusammengesetzt aus den altgriechischen Wörtern Hubschr (drehen) und Auber (Fliegen)

  20. I'm from NZ and it's the 5 second rule here

  21. Well I’m in Germany. Guess that checks out

  22. Ich dachte Gorbatschow wäre der Chef vom Fernsehen, weil er so of zu sehen war rund um die Wende.

  23. Als kurze Erläuterung: Der Sitz steht als 390€ VHB drin, ist aber schon seit einigen Monaten online und in der Beschreibung wird nach Preisvorschlag gebeten. 200€ ist ein gängiger Preis für solche Sitze, ich habe schon einige für weniger bekommen

  24. Ein gängiger Preis für Schimmelsitze bitte schön. ☝️

  25. Hallo ich bin der Sitz aus der Anzeige und wie neu!

  26. My first degree was electrical engineering, so I read that as j over 8, as I was already used for something else.

  27. Die nach kurzer Zeit so trocken und konkav werden? Ja. Und Weinbrandbohnen.

  28. Nicht wenn du alle am selben Abend naschst ;)

  29. Wie jetzt, es gibt Menschen die Süßigkeiten und Snacks nicht sofort aufreißen und futtern? 😅😭😬

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