1. He's talking about Blue Frong. Completely different place.

  2. They had a whole pallet at the Kroger in Lambertville yesterday where I bought mine. It's quite delicious.

  3. I went, and I thought it was pretty cool but VERY disorganized. I’m not exaggerating even a little when I say absolutely nobody was on the same page. We were some of the first people in the arena, and we went straight to a margarita stand just for them to tell us they wouldn’t accept the tickets that came with the “VIP” tickets. The tickets came with a shirt “early 11am access”, and two drink tickets. The people working the booth said we were supposed to go all the way to the third floor for our free drinks, then we tried going up there and they told us that was ultimate VIP section only. It took talking to maybe 7 different people to figure out what was going on. There was no live music as advertised.

  4. Naw, it's just the effects of the tacos he ate at the taco fest tripping him up . . . he's coming down now.

  5. When I first moved to China in 2018 in Guangzhou, I read the account of the anti-Japan protests. I have not forgotten and keep remembering "it could all easily happen again". When COVID19 broke out in 2020, I remember the African community that was evicted from their homes, the "no foreigner allowed" signs on any shop ranging from a local markets to even McDonalds, the additional questions and looks of fear I'd get as I tried to travel as a foreigner. No, if any war or blockade occurs, no foreigner is truly safe or well protected in China - which I'll normally agree is in fact "safe".

  6. Wow, your post is very wordy; however, I still waded through it and find that it has some good nuggets. It behooves one to always be prepared to lie low in the 'Guo.

  7. That’s common, seen that a lot over the years, it’s public free hate stoking

  8. As I was reading the original message, Barrett immediately came to mind. He is a clear example of this.

  9. Oh man, just the other day there was a redditor here saying that spending vacations in Hainan was no problem at all.

  10. This reminds me of a Reddit post from last week from a Shanghai expat asking if it's safe to go work remote from Sanya. I guess the answer was no. 🤣

  11. China has really latched onto the leftist points, knowing it's divisive. And unfortunately some people are going to think China actually cares about BLM and LGBT rights.

  12. Charles Flynn, brother of the traitor Michael Flynn, was also very close to Donald Trump. Why are these people allowed in the army now? Much less at high ranking positions?

  13. As long as you don't burn my McGriddle when I come through, it's all good.

  14. we have two amtrak trains that leave for chicago early in the morning and return late at night

  15. When you drive up and just see an idling car with its door open on the road and no one else around, the skid marks and jizz stains are a later problem, friendo 😎

  16. He prefers the blue sky (ao sora) from the West... :x

  17. TBH I love reading meta post, but I also get why these sort of thing aren’t allowed.

  18. Yeah, my train, was an hour late for my pickup from Toledo, and 2 hours late to chicago

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