1. Is Brandin Cooks droppable in PPR at this point? Thinking of dropping him to add Watson, Lawrence, or Pickett as an insurance policy at QB. I have Hurts. Other WRs are Amari Cooper, C. Watson, Palmer, McLaurin, and Kirk.

  2. You wont be playing cooks with those WRs, drop him. Id rank them as knight, snell, hasty, mason. That could change based on mason's usage but cmc still playing.

  3. Streams go run, riffle, hole repeat. Fish the hole just below the riffle. Small jighead worm possibly under a float.

  4. Goths, critters, scuzzle, mysterion, cock magic ftw

  5. Try it. Jello/Koolaid chicken works incredibly well, that may too.

  6. nah but it’ll be a split and i think there’s a good chance Mixon will now be a 2-down back.

  7. eagles D has been ass. would probably try to trade them to ride with broncos for week 16

  8. Eagles are third in fantasy points the past 4 weeks...

  9. They just had 3 slam dunk matchups and struck out on all 3. what happens when they face a good team?

  10. I wouldn't say 7 points is striking out but i get your point. Good thing the only good team they play is dallas week 16.

  11. All projected one score games, if thats the case, ill take the bengals to make the game winning play at the end.

  12. For fantasy i dont see him making much of an impact but for a sb contender, he could be helpful. He's better than most team's wr3.

  13. Full ppr. Pick one - Perine, boyd, Campbell, Sutton. Projected to win big already.

  14. Im worried his work will be split with evans and he'll end up with 7 points. I guess he has the best chance for a td though. I also have Hollywood.

  15. Dortch is questionable fyi. Probably plays but something to keep an eye on.

  16. Need to drop one to pick up denver. Sutton, Campbell, Boyd. 6pt full ppr. Thanks.

  17. Ive had high score in my league 3 times now. I have no rb 1, im rolling out gibson and i am jeff. cousins is my qb. Im third currently. Im hoping andrews and jj can carry me to the promised land. Most of it is luck.

  18. The Bengals receiving core is matchup proof. TB and Buffalo they’ll have no choice to throw because the game will be competitive. NE is more interesting.

  19. What are your thoughts on the Hisense U6GR? I'm between it and the TCL S546. Is the r646 worth 100 more?

  20. Got one, this christmas gift budget build is going swimmingly. I knew this day would come. 3600/5700xt [email protected], 256gb nvme 6tb hdd for less than 500.

  21. That charlie conway jersey is pretty sweet. Quack quack quack

  22. Jeff Blake leading that stat is absolutely wild to me

  23. They were so bad then he always had a chance for a garbage time td.

  24. If I had a gun with 2 bullets and I was in a room with TJ Watt, Hitler, and Bin Laden, I would shoot Watt twice.

  25. You can also use another swivel instead of the weight. tie a line off that to tie your weight to. I like using a high low rig in the surf(river rig). Circle hooks for anything bait and wait.

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