2. Unable to trigger home security in home app for Aqara sensors

  3. You do not need to be in Homekit mode for this to work. Post your question in the Aqara subreddit:

  4. You should send these problems to Aqara. They are looking for these types of issues. You will need to send them a high resolution video of the problem.

  5. Completely agree. I think I've watched this episode no less than ten times already. It has 3 of the best quotes in the episode/series: The first is "You don't have time to be stupid"... I'm waiting to lay that one on an unsuspecting coworker one day.

  6. Mon Mothma threw Perrin under the bus.

  7. It was a hard decision, but she came to the conclusion that she had to. Remember in an ealrier episode, Davo Sculdun said, “Oh, I know your husband.” So, Davo probably thinks Mon needs the money for her husband's gambling debts. Mon needs to keep him thinking that way. She can't have him looking into the real reason she needs the money. She's trying to keep Davo, the ISB, and her husband off the trail of the real reason she needs the money. So she sacrficed her own daughter.

  8. Cinta is badass! She kills with no emotions... no fear...

  9. I loved the way she was shaking tho, brilliant acting. It really showed the shock and fear of her in the situation

  10. Her shaking felt so real, I coulld actually feel it watching the TV. Denise Gough is amazing actress. I hope to see her in other shows from now on.

  11. Completely agree. Denise Gough is amazing! She scares me... but I can't look away :-)

  12. Here is a discussion on how temperature/humidity automations work in Homekit:

  13. Just tried changing to before midnight but still did not trigger. I can see the motion has been detected in the Home and Hue apps

  14. Does it work if you restrict the time period to within a day instead of crossing the midnight boundary ?

  15. I use Alexa, with the M2 and the M1S hubs, and have no issues at the moment. I think you should contact Aqara and have them troubleshoot your problem. I used to have quite a few issues and their developers troubleshooted and fixed everything I complained about.

  16. The Onvis lightstrip exposes their custom lightmodes to Homekit:

  17. Agreed. I use Pushcut to get automations from my Aqara sensors, but it’s bizarre we have to use a third party and and the HomeKit automations system is well overdue an upgrade.

  18. Why don't you use the push notification feature in the Aqara automation section ?

  19. I have a Schlage Sense and 2 Apple TVs on TVOS 16. I can access the history and access codes, in the Schlage app, without any issues. I don't have any Homepods so maybe that has something to do with the problem.

  20. Contact Aqara and report this issue as they are actively tryng to find all instances of their products connecting to Chinese servers:

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