1. Well I would def start with not constructing an entire diagram for structure 😭 shapes and placements are just something that will come naturally to you as you draw more, and starting with a circle and a plus is a good way to teach yourself constructions (and its probably a lot quicker too!!) Aside from that my best tips for any beginner really is to just draw. Draw a lot, and draw on a consistent basis. You will literally improve at every aspect of your art without the need for tutorials or anything if you just draw all the time! It takes a while but hey its def worth it. Good luck my friend.

  2. I need a Pad Chennnington-esque explanation of this genre first. But it’s interesting

  3. Been wanting this on vinyl for years, if it happens I might faint tbh

  4. Literally the hottest character in the echo franchise, anyone who says pass is just wrong

  5. Macroblique is the coolest name ever for these two lol

  6. Yoo what the hell?? Im so jealous of your Care CD dude, thats an amazing pick!

  7. ayy thanks i got it at one of his concerts, glad to see another temporex listener(:

  8. Nah, I'd rather see a redemption ark. Not involving him and Cy mind you, just him in general. "literally killed someone in cold blood" Who? Who has he actually killed? Oh wait, nobody. "And he does it again" Is Cy dead? No? didn't think so. Would Cy have died if [ ] Hadn't have happened? Also no. Now that we have the literal lies gone, did he betray 2 people? Why yes he did. Is that a shitty thing to do? Yes it is. Does that mean he can't change? No. Does that mean he should be forever damned cause he made a mistake? No.

  9. Ok lets change the narrative then, he is a human trafficker. He sends people to be horrifically tortured, and to have their organs farmed, for literally hundreds of years at a time. Then to top it off he makes money off from it. Do you really think some underlying trauma excuses that? He did a lot more than just "betray two people", he betrayed that entire group. Think for a second, if you had a friend who pushed another one of your friends off a cliff, later learning he was payed for it, then tried doing it AGAIN, would that be excusable? Would any amount of trauma or interpersonal relationships excusing something like that??? Hell no!! And with the whole "oh but he didn't know". He at least had to have had an idea. I think he knew they probably wouldn't be seeing Xavier again, at least for a very long time. I don't think seeing it "from his perspective" is really valid in this case, I would never "try to understand" the perspective of a real human trafficker/murderer so why would i ever do that in a vn? It just doesn't make sense.

  10. When did he kill anyone? He sold two guys to be made into organ farms, sure. But what character did he kill?

  11. I didn't kill him! The ground did! I just pushed him off the cliff i swear!!

  12. You can see saturn's rings with a cheap telescope from your backyard btw so I don't know what you're going on about with "CGI"

  13. Cooper is an irredeemably horrible character, how do so many people not understand this yet??? Hes already LITERALLY killed someone for money and even attempted to do it twice!!!! To someone who was nothing but kind to him!!!!!!!! What the fuck are people seeing in him that im not!!!!!!!

  14. fbtw was an adastra clone from the beginning, multiple of ranoks sprites are even traced from amicus' sprites lmao

  15. This title looks like its a chapter from the book im reading :0

  16. t_11 says:

    Using an acronym for domestic violence undermines the clever design and the whole entire message.

  17. I always joke about being extremely into dicks, this is my own fault

  18. Horny vn reader virgin vs Story focused vn reader chad

  19. Aroallos not be demonized by aro community challenge IMPOSSIBLE edition

  20. Its called reclaiming my friend, however it is very VERY context dependent

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