1. Brad riddel getting ranked after losing 3 in a row and saying he's taking some time away from the sport is an odd choice.

  2. Mans got that medieval peasant look.

  3. You're probably sick of Tuna, eating Tuna for dinner every night. Tunaaa

  4. Holy shit let him up, everytime Anders hurts him he just stands above him and let's him recover, either engage or let him stand up man, so frustrating

  5. Yes, DC in the clip that's posted lol.

  6. Seeing an MF DOOM reference on this subreddit. I have found my people...

  7. All caps when you spell the man name

  8. That's fuckin G.I Joe, he fuckin loves me

  9. I might have this one if my update didn't say "something went wrong"

  10. I'm having this too on ps5, can't even download the update I was looking to see if other people were having this issue

  11. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/UnlinedEarnestElephantbeetle-size_restricted.gif

  12. Katter got fucked up but he was actually able to land some good shots during the fight

  13. Glover is a 2nd degree BJJ blackbelt.

  14. I took his comment about Glover surviving to mean that because Glover was able to survive Jiris GNP that Alex would be able to aswell, so I was pointing out that Glover is much much much more experienced on the ground compared to Pereira.

  15. Israel became champ cause the ref gave him a chance to survive, Franky Edgar is going to the HOF because the ref gave him a chance(s) survive. Idk this stoppage seemed early to me. Israel was using lateral movement as a defense IMO. I understand I’m in the minority here.

  16. Frankie is also getting brutally knocked unconscious every single fight and his brain is turning into slush, it's not crazy to think that Frankie's rapid decline is somewhat due to the amount of damage he was allowed to take during his career.

  17. Its a good stoppage, but when you watch it in slow motion you can get where Izzy is coming from.

  18. It's crazy how divided this stoppage has people lol because originally I thought it was early but when I saw it in slow motion I thought Izzy was definitely finished.

  19. Insane in both cases. Both Costa and Alex can make LHW with ease, low HW aswell.

  20. Alex would do great at LHW, he has the size and reach for it, the guy is massive.

  21. I love Whittaker and will always root for him but my brain says Pereira in this one.

  22. Eddies Lodi g to Connor was either a fixed fight or a sign he is t what he was,because the Eddie that fought Dustin and Gaethje would smoke Conner easily. Still scratching my head over that Eddie loss to Connor

  23. Dustin and Gaethje both brawled with Eddie and turned it into a dogfight, that's where Eddie excels.

  24. They asked Dana White about possibly re-signing Alavarez , he didn’t seem interested and even said he’s trying to sign new up and coming fighters where as Eddie is at the point in his career where he should be considering retirement.

  25. Trying to sign new and upcoming fighters is code for not having to pay them as much, Eddie would be getting paid 100k minimum, Dana could sign 20 new up and comers with that.

  26. In my opinion, if you look at the end of round 1, Alex looks about as fucked up as Isreal did at the middle of the 5th. I think they could of totally stopped it at the end of round one, and they didn't.

  27. Alex got wobbled with literally less than a second left in the round though, so he couldn't take any more damage until the next round and had time to recover.

  28. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/UnlinedEarnestElephantbeetle-size_restricted.gif

  29. I feel like the stoppage was a pu ch or two too early. Izzy was hurt but had his wits about him and was trying to roll with whatever shots came next. Do I think it would matter? No. I think Alex had him. But I think it was JUST too early to be sure.

  30. For what it's worth Izzy seemed to agree with the stoppage too, I think he just said he wished the ref let him go out on his shield but obviously that's not the case

  31. The deja vu Izzy must’ve felt when the bell saved Alex.

  32. Izzy even mentioned how similar the fights played out in his post fight interview, I think he said it was poetic.

  33. I wouldnt care. Still worth it. Lol imagine caring about input lag on a single player game.

  34. Input lag is annoying as fuck regardless of it being on a single player or multi player game, who the fuck wants to play with a delay?

  35. Their history in kickboxing shouldn't affect Izzy getting a rematch, but Izzy's resume in the UFC is enough to warrant an immediate rematch

  36. It definitely wasn't close to Alex's weight. That much is blatantly obvious. I'm just saying beating someone is much less impressive when you're significantly bigger and stronger.

  37. Izzy is big for MW and has fought and won at Heavyweight before lol

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