1. Primula has the long stalk before the fluorescence . That's a primrose

  2. I think you need to add some fibre to your diet

  3. How convenient he’s rapy Magee until Johnny law steps in…now you got scrambled brains? Baloney I say

  4. Don’t feel bad. Gavin McInnes was once one of my favourite comedians.

  5. Good plan! Let us cover ourselves with dung so that we fit in!

  6. Council’s elderly parents describing this man feels like a psychological profile of the average Patriots.win/TheDonald user: ”For the last 6 to 8 months ... he has been spending most of his time on Twitter. He is a digital soldier in General Flynn’s army. And he spends his days trying to convince others on Twitter to believe in Trump and points out the deep state corruption and devious ways. He has been kicked off Twitter many times, 12 or so times permanently. He reopens fictitious Twitter accounts to keep going. Up sometimes at 3:00 AM. He shows us everything that he sends out online and is hyper focused on all current events relating to politics. ... June and I are in our late 70s and don’t see the meaning in most that he sends out. This really frustrates him. ... Mentally – I will give you a few words that seem to be where he is at. Agitated, loud, gross, impulsive, irritable, paranoid, anxious, depressed, sleep troubles, irrational fears, he won’t do his meds. His mother has to keep the many pills that he takes current. ... The birds on the pond that he feeds are his only friend.”

  7. Historical Accuracy is what makes this game exceptional. In medieval times, if a soldier picked up a lute mid-skirmish and began jauntily strumming, as happy as a brass farthing, they may have been allowed to continue, but it was equally likely that they would have been cleft in twain.

  8. No one ever complains when the level 1000 is on their team haha

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