1. For contrast reduction add a Tiffen pro mist filter or just reduce contrast in post

  2. That’s a good idea. I do have a pro mist but I haven’t used it in a long time.

  3. Honestly the Ultron is such a fantastic lens, and the images on my M11 with the diffusion filters are fantastic. If I were you I’d save my money. I think you have a little bit of GAS right now and I’m hoping to save you from my same mistakes. I recently added a 35 Summilux FLE v2 (newest one). It’s a great lens. But it’s not that much better than my Ultron in real terms for real world shooting. Will I keep it? Yeah. But I would have been 100% fine and happy without it and my wallet would’ve been fuller. Slap that pro mist on and delay your decision by a few months. I also find that when I get GAS I should actually be shooting more pics or traveling with my camera rather than buying more shit. Spend the money you are thinking of on a trip or two, I promise you won’t regret it.

  4. It's not leather but Billingham is the bag you carry a Leica in. The Hadley Small Pro is my preference.

  5. That’s a no from me, it gives old man vibes. Don’t mean to offend you, but I’d never carry one of those!

  6. To each their own I guess. Oberworth and Megagear might be worth a look but I've never used either. I would recommend not getting Ona, though. The leather straps that close the bag eventually curl up and look like crap but aren't replaceable.

  7. Which color do you carry of the Hadley? I need a non black bag and the black one is the only decent looking one. The rest of the colorways are just not for me style wise.

  8. M11s going for $6900 on FredMiranda, not that different than the 10 line.

  9. This bullshit costs $$12,000 a year. How can this possibly be an option for so many people?

  10. You can get it compounded for a fraction of that cost.

  11. Not recommended, though. The compound isn’t as regulated and dosages can vary depending on the potency.

  12. That’s precisely what a company who wants to charge you exorbitant rates would tell you, but carry on overpaying if you prefer.

  13. i saw this exact picture in another sub and apparently, it was AI-generated. didn't bother to fact-check it, you can if you want too.

  14. Any idea where you found it? If the whole thing is AI generated I want to play with the tool they used to create it!

  15. Same, I still think it does a great job but it isn't as good around the threshold from hardwood to rugs. I'm going to do a maintenance on the entire unit and replace everything again, will update here on my experience.

  16. Are you going to do anything besides replacing the roller and side brush?

  17. Same. Ours also seems to "spit out" debris when it reaches a door threshold and even the edge of a low pile area rug now. Used to be fantastic!

  18. Huh, that triggered an interesting thought for me. I wonder if it’s not missing stuff as much as spitting debris when it’s on the angle between the rug and the hard floor. Makes me think there may be a fitting that isn’t as tight as it used to be and so stuff is falling out. I’ll take a look—the door that holds the roller in doesn’t seem as well fitting so that’s my first thought.

  19. Do you show face or do full nude, explicit, BG or solo content?

  20. Sent you a chat here. I bought your OF but can’t message you. Can you reply via Reddit chat please?

  21. I’m gonna be blunt: if you’re not using your elliptical and treadmill and not going to the gym, the problem isn’t your equipment, it’s you. Motivation can be enhanced by the tools you have, but YOU have to be able to rally yourself. I have a peloton and it’s not a magic motivator. I’m the motivation. So I’d suggest you take a hard look at yourself before spending another dime. Spend 6 months using what you have before you buy yet another item.

  22. Your eyes look sad. It’s not the mustache.

  23. cops make tons of overtime, they’re often in the $200k range. They refuse to hire more because they’d lose overtime.

  24. Only need the first three words of this headline

  25. this woman alone is reason enough for the internet to exist.

  26. And what luck for all of us that she doesn’t mind taking her clothes off

  27. https://cima.aemps.es/cima/dochtml/ft/36558/FT_36558.html

  28. How do you feel? If you feel comfortable AND pain free, then I wouldn’t fret too much

  29. He needs a pro fit. Clearly not equipped to do this DIY.

  30. Have you had a proper fitting by a bike fitter who knows TT bikes and works with local athletes who ride in these positions? There’s no substitute for a pro fit especially if you’re new.

  31. And it is precisely as incredible as I had hoped

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