Best GIFs of the 2022 MLB season.

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Polyphony is a type of music consisting of two or more simultaneous melodic lines. Here's the two lead guitarists of the band Polyphia playing together, in the second chorus and later of their song Chimera.

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  1. Okay, now move into a different apartment and leave these in the old one.

  2. Sell all that shite. Buy some new clothes and get some pussy bruh. You’ll thank yourself later.

  3. Since everyone's posting their hats, I finally gotta ask: what does everyone like about the 9Fifty style hat?

  4. You’re not wrong. You do look like a douche. Wearing it backwards is the only solution. They make way more variants in the 9fifty than anything else. They need to realize that people want low profile crowns not that train conductor horseshit.

  5. Mannnn, I wish they made low profile versions of these.

  6. Would be best if you chose labels that actually look cool.

  7. It’s really cute. She may think it’s adorable.

  8. Just shave that shit off bro. It looks bad. Shorter isn’t gonna make a difference

  9. That hairstyle makes me wanna punch you

  10. I’ve seen something similar on Amazon

  11. Period blood on the nice velour seat. Saw her jeans on the way out. It was her.

  12. Lmao happened to me too. Except she put it under the table. That was one helluva tip.

  13. Yeah, he doesn’t really watch as much main steam stuff as you might think. He see the 50’s as safe and boring. He likes messy and exciting.

  14. Just curious, In what pant leg does he place his dong? You seem to think you know him so well so I figured you would know.

  15. Can’t find the book. I forgot where it was

  16. God of War is one of them of course

  17. Honestly true though. Deshaun is so ass now. I hate to say “cope” because the word is mostly used by 14 year old edgelords, but everyone saying that he’s just rusty and he’s going to suddenly become a top 5 QB next year is really coping hard I think.

  18. Using the word “edge lord” probably puts you in the category of being one. You are what you dislike.

  19. The Phillies had a very gif-able post season. This, the Hoskins bat slam, and the Segura hip thrust all come to mind.

  20. Don’t recall the thrust, have a link?

  21. 1AJ says:

    I loved that series based only on the weird and fresh dialogue.

  22. Such a good show. All downhill after the first season sadly but that couldn't be helped I suppose.

  23. Don’t listen to this guy, the series as a whole was great. Season 2 was a prequel that was also just as awesome

  24. Everyone is saying the Giants were right but nobody is bringing up the fact that it seems the Astros knew all along.

  25. Its just guysbeingdudes. There is no why. There doesn't have to be a why.

  26. They told him exactly what they're targeting, then let him live. My guess is they wanted him to call in the Code September and are actually targeting something else...but not sure what.

  27. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. Left the phone on for him and everything

  28. This is an old picture. Those are the old stickers that were actually a pain in the ass to take off. Also, there is only one logo on some of these cups, depends on the location.

  29. Fuck that barista and fuck Starbucks

  30. Since it doesn’t make sense I’m gonna go ahead and assume Cohen fed some mouths and then some.

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