1. Personally i don't think the top part of the map is all that necessary, stretching up to IRL Tallahassee and jacksonville, alot of just emptiness and drawing away from focusing on making the 3 or so cities we know are happening really pop, in my humble opinion the map should only stretch up to IRL daytona beach.

  2. I don't think the whole cliff/tunnel stuff will happen, i am optimistic that they're still gonna do an intamin and might still be able to do a giga named falcon's flight but the original version defied the laws of physics and in general looked like a quite unpleasant ride experience.

  3. Personally paradise pier as a whole, i liked it alot more than pixar

  4. The logic sectors of my brain are telling me to remove them so they don't get ruined, the feral goblin sector of my brain us telling me to tear through em.

  5. Like a disneysea/disney's america type affair, very themed, very little IP.

  6. Tbh with that recent revision of plans, i hope it got shut down, looked like a lot of trouble for a so and so not even hyper.

  7. Nope! That robot smashed into the side of the facade, but it was apart meant to crumble if the stunt-tronic were to not make it so it would cushion it's descent a little, still very much gonna leave a dent.

  8. teen girl oriented, that girl is poc, even worse that girl is muslim, and she fangirls over the internet's least favorite character and her powers were heavily altered from the source material? Still not excusable but checks off all the boxes for certain sects of the internet's hate boner.

  9. Tbh if this new layout is the one that happens, i would not want this ride to happen at all, it wouldn't be worth it, soo much more work, destroying more shit and further demolishing the sight lines of ghost town, and all for a pretty meh looking layout.

  10. The only redeeming qualities of the land are the antman restaurant and Gaurdians ride that is barely apart of it

  11. i don't even think 52.25 could get you into knotts for a day today

  12. DL: best is big thunder (haven't ridden rise yet) worst is a tie between submarines ans autopia, but i lean more submarines DCA: best is Radiator Springs Racers, worst is definitely the carousel,.like who wanted this? It barely fit for paradise pier.

  13. "you just got to bring the restraint down 1 microinch and standup throughout the ride and then you'll get airtime"

  14. Gonna take the crown from gotham city gauntlet escape from gotham for shittiest superhero coaster name.

  15. This reminds me of this kid in the city over from me getting pushed into traffic over his skateboard, not sure if the kids ok or not, fucking sucks tho, it's insane was kids are doing over basically nothing these days.

  16. It's like that one clip of master chief taking off the helmet

  17. I hope they do a send-off to columbia in bioshock 4/isolation with this same plot, the aftermath of songbird destroying the siphon, maybe they could've had the rift junky enemy designs that were scrapped for 3, sorta like burial at sea, but well in the sky, and falling into said sea, (because we absolutely did not spend enough time in Columbia in bioshock infinite, being only arond 13 hours).

  18. Breakfast: methanol Lunch: methanol Dinner: methanol

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