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  1. Your very first statement about the cost of gas increased only due to inflation is factually incorrect. Please try better.

  2. No, it’s not. If you’d care to elaborate other than “you’re factually incorrect”. I’d be happy to shred your thinking. Don’t say please try better when you can’t even offer a logical counter.

  3. He was saying to keep buying before the 07 collapse. He was right if you have 14 years and know the Federal Reserve will inflate money supply by printing 8 trillion in a year.

  4. Thank you for this. Do you have any advice for how to face people close to me? I’m a freshman and I already failed a class.

  5. The only thing that matters is if you learned the material or not. If you feel you can do it, keep going until you get it done. Many engineers have trouble grasping certain concepts. Also, some school’s teach better than others. GPA doesn’t matter hiring engineers I have never asked. Just get it done as quickly as possible. A huge portion of the current engineers are retiring in the next 10 years. Let failure make you stronger. The most successful people in the world fail more than you can imagine. They just learn from it and become better without worrying.

  6. My friends who are all the dregs of society all own their own houses. Literally work a job and you too can own a house.

  7. No seriously I am not invested in anything. Just trying to figure out if you guys can't see he ran with crypto money or not cause you have blind faith in him

  8. How much crypto money did you lose? Free Speech bad. Baaahhhhhhh…. Capitalism bad. Baaaaahhhhhhh.

  9. You make money on moves in the right direction. You only lose holding until expiration and the price doesn’t meet. Try following an option for a week. Might become more clear. Hell throw $100 on one. You can’t learn them until you watch one.

  10. bagholding copium is in high demand after yesterday's fomc

  11. No I slayed on puts yesterday. Now riding the market dynamics to another nice day.

  12. it's not going to be the rip you're making it out to be. A small pause/correction is usual market dynamics. No point in catching raining knives everywhere.

  13. 2.5 years since the level of puts to calls was this high though. That means a harder bounce up.

  14. Yes it’s simple economics. When the government hands out free money to the tune of 10’s of thousands per family then everything goes up in price. More dollars, chasing the same goods, prices go up. Econ 101.

  15. Like I said, we shut the country down, we are the government. For the people, by the people…

  16. Lots of studying. Worst thing you can do is have someone else explain it to you. If you’re in the U.S. go to your local community college and sign up for economics and business classes, fill out financial aid paperwork and get school paid for with a pell grant.

  17. They made a large fortune selling calls and shares to dumb retail investors in a huge move down.

  18. If you could only realize how ominous letting the inflation continue to run would be. This is what must happen.

  19. Fuck Airbnb my calls are worthless.. the more money they make the more the stock tanks makes sense brb guidance like that means fuck all lol. Company prints money even if people leave because of the fees

  20. They’ve never made a yearly profit in their existence, so perhaps you need to clarify “company prints money.”

  21. Choose inflation as in stop fighting it and avoid economic implosion or continue fighting inflation and cause economic implosion?

  22. 40 grand on 0dte. Could have put it on JAN23 and pretty much insured you caught. Fool and his money and all that…

  23. Knock yourself out. I’m making a killing on this volatility in options. So my wallet thanks your generous donation each AM to spike the market up for no reason.

  24. You want an all in in this market find something with a PE below 1 with good earnings and go ballistic.

  25. Well it worked out I can break even no harm no foul. I definitely learned something today so I’m calling it a win.

  26. The reason I say not to is because adjusted options don’t fall on the regular chain. I have been burned a few times by no buyers on the adjusted chain even though my option was well into the money, there were no bids. I guess the market maker algo’s don’t frequent all of the adjusted chains or something?

  27. There are a bunch of LNG ships of the coast of Spain with no place to unload since storage is full. Some of those have unsold cargo, ships where loaded elsewhere and told to sail to Europe with the owner thinking that the prices will just go up. Anyway, IMO TFT fossil gas prices are gonna go negative. DRIP is my play for that.

  28. BOIL or any other ETF gas derivatives. BOIL is 2x leveraged. Just type nat gas in your search and find ETF’s for it.

  29. Interesting calling a company bankrupt that currently has 900 million cash on hand.

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